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"I rarely faced challenges - until I had my daughter" Female pioneers talk about women in tech and startup life

We’ve gathered more first-hand accounts from women who are striving to make a difference, and proudly present part two of our female pioneers series! Today we present a scientist and mother who beats the odds to make her startup a success. A mobility specialist who applies her smarts to making career fulfillment and family life more compatible. And the experiences of a female co-founder of a ... Continue reading

“Women have every ability to go out and take risks” – Female pioneers talk about women in tech and startup life

The contributions made by women to driving forward with innovation is incredibly valuable for the startup scene. But female founders, especially in the tech field, are still few and far between in today’s world of entrepreneurial activity. Why? What is important to female digital pioneers? And what are their experiences when it comes to their careers and doing their own thing? We’ve taken a closer look and ... Continue reading
Meridith & Kim (founders of Project Eve)

Leaving behind high-end careers in banking and setting up a platform for female entrepreneurs. How did this happen?

Starting an own business is tough. Once in a while everyone needs some advice, access to resources or a network to share and test ideas. While researching on this exact topic, I stumbled over a startup called Project Eve. The idea to create a social network for female entrepreneurs and small business owners immediately caught my interest and I decided to contact its founders. Kim  and Meridith ... Continue reading

“Keep trying to impress people, keep trying to do things for the world, make it better and, stay humble” Founder talk with Jennifer Indovina

... socially and women are benefitting from that social evolution. They just have to basically not be afraid to fail, not be afraid when a man tells them “no” and keep moving forward. Lisa: Still, female founders, especially in the field of tech, are few and far between. What are the reasons for that in your opinion? Jennifer: I think one of the number one reasons is that female entrepreneurs today who have ... Continue reading

Jennifer Indovina from smart energy startup Tenrehte: “Hire slow, fire fast”

... journey founding Tenrehte at TEDxItaewon in 2012: We’ll publish a blog feature on female entrepreneurship and women in tech soon. So stay tuned for more stories and reports about incredible female founders! Continue reading

Every euro we invest has to be earned first – an interview with Sarah Haide from MyCouchbox

Last week we heard from Sarah Haide, the founder of the snack startup MyCouchbox in our article on Female Pioneers Part 2. Today we’re back with a fascinating interview in which Sarah divulges why she launched MyCouchbox in the first place as she describes the journey she has been on as the co-founder and CEO of the e-commerce company. The business founder from Stuttgart also explains why the ... Continue reading