CODE_n is a leading cross-industry innovation hub for entrepreneurs, ambitious business founders, and established companies. We provide a stage for new business models and digital trends, enriched by an international network of startups and corporations. Work together with digital pioneers and take your company to the next level.

Open up to new ideas. Make room for innovation. Become part of CODE_n.

CODE_n SPACES Workshop Room


Innovation campus for digital pioneers. Created by internationally renowned designers, the CODE_n SPACES are a unique location fostering an inspiring, creative atmosphere. Whether as a permanent resident in our offices or as a guest in our meeting rooms, join us and bring your innovation initiatives to life.

People with great ideas, successful startups, corporate innovation teams and innovative leading figures call the SPACES their home, where they work on game-changing business models.

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Services for startups and corporations. Within the CODE_n innovation hub you have the unique opportunity to accelerate your innovation development projects, position yourself as a key partner for pioneering startups as well as a leading player in the digital innovation scene.

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CODE_n SERVICES - Matchmaking, Workshops, Events


Meet with the digital avant-garde. We offer a variety of formats for you to explore. Aside from organizing Pioneers’ Days, events with great partners, or hosting meetups at our HQ, we offer you the chance to catch up with us at several conferences. With the new.New Festival we created Europe’s leading innovation conference.

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CODE_n new.New Festival 2018 Startup


Business concepts for the digital future. On the lookout for entrepreneurs with fresh, unconventional business concepts, the aim of the CODE_n CONTEST is to identify and promote the most promising startups from around the world.

After four years at CeBIT, the CODE_n CONTEST has been taken to the next level at the global innovation festival – the new.New Festival.  The finalists of the CONTEST were invited to the festival to showcase their business model.

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CODE_n new.New Festival 2018

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A Pioneer's portrait

CODE_n Resident Martina Merz

She’s driven by the desire to make a difference. She’s a former manager and supervisory board member of various international companies. She’s a mentor and a valuable part of the CODE_n ecosystem. Get inspired by the thoughts of Martina Merz on new work, change, and personalities. It’s never too late to be a pioneer.

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