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Not to be missed: On a regular basis we organize events to bring together digital pioneers and innovation managers from all over the world. Each event revolves around mutual exchange and each agenda is set by either the latest digital trends, corporate innovation, entrepreneurship, or cultural change. It’s here that leading thinkers such as startups, established corporations and creative minds actively create the future of business together.

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FIT FOR Your Personal Brand | @ CODE_n SPACES


You only have one chance to make a great first impression and gain people’s trust. By developing a unique personal brand, you’ll no longer be a spectator, but play an active part in a huge social change.

  • What is personal branding and how can it help you succeed?
  • Why is authenticity critical in cultivating a personal brand?
  • What are your own values and inner drive?

Expert and business coach Lena Soukup will analyze your personal brand and help you convince your stakeholders of your intentions.

Fit For your personal brand lena soukup


cancelled – watch out for new dates



January 22, 2020 9AM – 1PM
ADMISSION: 299€ incl. certificate



March 03, 2020 9AM – 5PM
ADMISSION: 549€ incl. certificate

JUMP IN + DEEP DIVE 848€ 720€


New: CODE_n "Fit For" Workshops

Our new THREE-PART WORKSHOP SERIES is examining methods and techniques that encourage new ideas and innovations within companies embarking on the journey of digital transformation. The series will consist of a WARM UP meetup to help you build a network of like-minded people, a JUMP IN session (beginners’ course) and a DEEP DIVE session (advanced course).

  • WARM UP: the series kickoff – getting started with a keynote and (panel) discussion, an introduction into the topic, and networking event
  • JUMP IN: every workshop provides an introduction into the topic and allows the participants to apply what they have learned. The workshops are based on the method of “circular training” – popular in the sports world – where the participants have to work at different stations. These stations are not building on each other, the participants being able to start off at any of them since they represent separate blocks.
  • DEEP DIVE: 1-day classical workshop involving startups and/or experts in the field (prior knowledge on the topic is recommended, advanced level)

You’re a transformation expert and would like to be our partner for an event series?

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Virtual Events

Is this new digital trend a viable alternative?

Designed as an alternative to physical face-to-face events, online conferences and virtual trade shows are still in the beginning phase. Could a virtual summit or trade fair be a good investment for your company, personal brand or simply your career? We took a deeper look and summarized the main pros and cons for you.

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Be there or be square – make sure to receive invitations and take the chance to catch up with likeminded people.

community and industry events
hosted events and workshops
unique inhouse event locations
community and industry events
hosted events and workshops
unique inhouse event locations
Google is a well-established partner for both startups and the traditional industries in Germany. We Work with the best in class – CODE_n is the right platform for us to engange in candid conversations with both young and established companies. Jens Redmer, Principal New Products, Google

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