CODE_n questions the conditions and characteristics of creativity, inspiration and the spirit of pioneering. CODE_n EVENTS are central to this. They cover a wide range of content and formats and, together with the people involved, are power centres in the ecosystem of innovation.

Training events and workshops as well as start-up competitions and other innovation services are dedicated to specific topics of digitalization and support our partners in the development of new solutions. It’s here that leading thinkers such as startups, established corporations and creative minds actively create the future of business together.

Disruptive minds and courageous entrepreneurs open up new perspectives in lectures and discussion panels. A great variety of cultural events, performances and workshops, art exhibitions and concert formats enrich the CODE_n network and build exciting bridges to the avant-garde in arts.

In the aftermath of the Corona crisis, CODE_n has developed exemplary hybrid formats that combine „the best of two worlds“. No matter in which format – CODE_n events always revolve around mutual exchange and each agenda is set by either the latest digital trends, corporate innovation, entrepreneurship, or cultural (ex)change.
Our partners use the expertise of the CODE_n team to jointly design their events as unforgettable experiences.

CODE_n is proud to be awarded the title de:hub by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and thus is the representative of one of the 12 digital hubs in Germany. Numerous events are carried out by the CODE_n team directly for this network and labelled accordingly.

MEET THE AVANTGARDE – in technology, business and arts

On a regular basis we organize events to bring together digital pioneers and innovative brains from all over the world. Disruptive minds and courageous entrepreneurs as well as young start-up brains, artists of all genres – at CODE_n you can experience their sparkling radiance and get in touch with them.

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Bridging the Spheres | JAZZ@CODE_n

Das Trio Dupree | Schulz | Jenne spannt einen musikalischen Bogen von Beethoven bis hin zu Songs aus Bernsteins „West Side Story“. Jazz-Standards von Jazz-Ikonen wie George Gershwin und Duke Ellington stehen natürlich auch auf dem Programm. Der verantwortungsvolle Umgang mit Werken klassischer Meister sowie die freie Sprache des improvisierten Jazz vereinen sich zu einem äußerst präzisen Zusammenspiel. Ein Trio mit unendlicher Spielfreude an der grenzenlosen Vielfalt der Musik!
Besetzung: Frank Dupree (p); Mini Schulz (b); Obi Jenne (dr)
Foto: Raphael Hustedt


By invitation only



„Through passions man lives, through reason he only exists”; (Nicolas Chamfort)


Art can overcome the limitations of our everyday lives. Real artists have a wide horizon. We invite artists to share the wide view from their ivory tower with us. CODE_n as an ART-SPACE. On a regular basis we organize cultural events like exhibitions and concerts, meetups and partys

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CODE_n Culture, Concert



CODE_N‘s THREE-PART WORKSHOP SERIES deals with methods and techniques that encourage new ideas and innovations within companies embarking on the journey of digital transformation. Each series consists of a first WARM UP meeting to help you building a network of like-minded people, a JUMP IN session (beginners’ course) and a DEEP DIVE session (advanced course).
You got to solve a problem in digitalization? Or you’re a transformation expert and would like to be our partner for an event series? Get in touch!

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IMPULS >> IoT und KI im Mittelstand

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Upcoming Events

1:1 Concerts

08/10/2020 (5:00pm – 8:00pm)
Das Bedürfnis nach echten persönlichen Kontakten und unmittelbar geteilten musikalischen Erlebnissen ist größer denn je. Die 1:1 CONCERTS sind mehr als eine Corona-Notlösung – sie sind reale Konzerterlebnisse und künstlerische Kraftorte. Nebenbei erspielen sie Spendenbeiträge für die solidarische Unterstützung in Not geratener Musiker*innen. Bei den 1:1 CONCERTS findet eine ca. 10 minütige wortlose eins-zu-eins Begegnung zwischen Hörer*in und Musiker*in statt. Ein eröffnender Blickkontakt ist der Impuls für ein sehr persönliches Konzert – eine ungewöhnliche, aber für beide Seiten intensive Erfahrung, die Nähe trotz Distanz ermöglicht. Wer spielt? Ob Jazzsaxophon, Kontrabass oder Querflöte – das bleibt eine Überraschung.
Location: 1:1 Concerts (Google Maps)
Organizer: CODE_n
Buchung einen 1:1 Slots

Virtual Events

Is this new digital trend a viable alternative?

Designed as an alternative to physical face-to-face events, online conferences and virtual trade shows are still in the beginning phase. Could a virtual summit or trade fair be a good investment for your company, personal brand or simply your career? We took a deeper look and summarized the main pros and cons for you.

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CODE_n Brain Sessions The Brain Sessions are a format developed from the Corona crisis. As a digital workshop series (online BarCamp), they pursue the goal of developing digital ideas and approaches to solutions for various topics. It is not only a matter of developing opportunities out of the crisis, but also of setting sustainable development impulses. The Brain Sessions format is to be established permanently and will in future also be offered in English in order to develop concepts for a strong cooperation throughout Europe. We invite creative people with an affinity for digitisation to participate in the brain sessions; they will form online working groups on various topic clusters. The methodological support is provided by experienced coaches. Experts on various topics can be called in for advice and additional support.

Community Events

At a monthly basis we organize community events for our CODE_n residents and members of our community.

Get to know our community!
breakfast at CODE_n SPACES event Area

Community Breakfast

Community is a top priority at CODE_n. We lo(i)ve co-working as well as space- and brain-sharing – we exchange ideas and keep the network of residents and alumni alive. Business challenges are taken together as an incentive. But the community is not just a working network – at our regular BizDays, DevDays and a monthly community breakfast, you get closer in person.

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Why don’t you do what you want?!

Are you planning a company event, an employee day, a presentation – or are you looking for a special location for your committee meeting? Welcome!

Use our start-up network for current inputs from an innovative young generation or our expertise in culture! Together we design your event in such a way that it becomes an unforgettable experience for your guests.

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Be there or be square – make sure to receive invitations and take the chance to catch up with likeminded people.

community and industry events
hosted events and workshops
unique inhouse event locations
community and industry events
hosted events and workshops
unique inhouse event locations
Google is a well-established partner for both startups and the traditional industries in Germany. We Work with the best in class – CODE_n is the right platform for us to engange in candid conversations with both young and established companies. Jens Redmer, Principal New Products, Google

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