CODE_n is a leading cross-industry cross-culture innovation platform and hub for digital pioneers and visionaries that enriches its network with creative events. We question the conditions and characteristics of creativity, innovation and pioneering spirit. CODE_n fosters creativity for digital innovations in every aspect of life and provide a stage for new business models and digital trends, enriched by an international network of startups and corporations, connecting entrepreneurs, ambitious business founders and established companies. Further, CODE_n is the responsible body for the Future Industries Hub Stuttgart.

Supporting a self-determined and sustainable approach to digital pioneering, we accelerate brains and businesses and guide them into the future.

CODE_n SPACES Workshop Room


INNOVATION CAMPUS FOR DIGITAL PIONEERS. Created by internationally renowned designers, the CODE_n SPACES are a unique location fostering an inspiring, creative atmosphere. Whether as a permanent resident in our offices or as a guest in our meeting rooms, join us and bring your innovation initiatives to life.

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MAKE THE CHANGE. Which impact does the digital transformation have on your business? Which are the first steps to be taken? Become a member of the CODE_n innovation hub and get the unique opportunity to accelerate your innovation development projects, position yourself as a key partner for pioneering startups as well as a leading player in the digital innovation scene.

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MEET WITH THE DIGITAL AVANTGARDE. We offer a variety of formats for you to explore. Aside from hosting meetups at our HQ, we organize extraordinary workshop series and working sessions based on hot topics and transformation trends such as employer branding or smart manufacturing.

Our standard? Learning something new, networking and having fun in a modern, inspiring atmosphere.

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is an EXCELLENT NETWORK made up of the current and former residents and the CODE_n alumni. Many successful companies have their roots at CODE_n and remain connected. Here, memories and ideas are shared, know-how and jobs are conveyed. Bright minds in a classy not exclusive exchange.

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CODE_n Team

Christian Lorenz, Managing Director, CODE_n, innovation, startup
Christian Lorenz | Managing Partner

Christian originally is a musician and manager of arts and culture. Born in Berlin he was trained at the Music Academy of Frankfurt/Main as a teacher and orchestra conductor. He worked at several theatres and at the international Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival before he was appointed artistic director in Konstanz and later Stuttgart. As artistic director of the Beethoven Anniversary Society in Bonn he designed the official German program for the Beethoven Jubilee 2020. He questions the conditions of inspiration and creativity and is enthusiastic about bringing together people with different backgrounds. Since 2020 is in charge at CODE_n.

Stefanie Kilian, Office- and Innovation SPACES Manager, CODE_n, innovation, startup
Stefanie Kilian | Office- & Innovation SPACES Manager

When you arrive at our CODE_n SPACES, Steffi will be your person of contact for all administrative and organizational needs and daily requests. As the Office- and SPACES Manager, she is in the center of all CODE_n operations and responsible for the daily running of the office. With her professional background in tourism and business event management and her sense for details, strong coordination skills, and caring personality, Steffi makes sure that you feel “at home” in our SPACES.

Lea Havekost, Event Start-up, Innovation, CODE_n, innovation, startup
Lea Havekost | Startup Community + Innovation Event Manager

When it comes to the startup community at CODE_n, Lea is the person to contact. As the team’s newest addition and alumna of Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg (MSc Management), she takes care of the startups’ needs and the development of new workshop concepts. Lea is always open to new, interesting ideas! In addition, within the CODE_n team, she plans and implements innovative events and innovation formats. With her structured and creative nature, Lea is your ideal sparring partner.

Teammember, Digital Marketing Managerin, CODE_n, innovation, startup
Evelyn Meyer | Digital Marketing Managerin

Evelyn Meyer is a new member of CODE_n and is responsible for marketing. She is a real all-rounder in her field. Evelyn studied design, art and media at the Merz Academy and focused on new media. She already has a lot of experience with everything a company needs for its external image. Social media, SEO, image and video editing are her hobby horses. Evelyn's door is always open if you need tips on marketing!

Andrey Fesling, Spaces, Eventmanagement, CODE_n, innovation, startup
Andrey Felsing | Event- & Conference Manager

Andrey is an experienced event manager with a passion for organizing events. He has been planning and organizing seminars, workshops, concerts, employee events, camps, festivals and other large events for over 15 years. With extensive experience and a background as a theater director, he creates unique experiences for his clients. He brings together teams and manages resources, and works closely with partners and service providers to exceed your expectations.

Xenia Borger, Business Development, Sales, CODE_n, innovation, startup
Xenia Borger | Business Development & Sales

Xenia has a degree in business administration and has a vast experience in retail and sales. She has traveled to various trade shows in Europe and is a passionate networker. In addition, she has also dedicated herself to making women more financially independent and stronger by starting her own business. Xenia is responsible for bookings and sales at the beautiful CODE_n SPACES and works part-time.

Martin Allmendinger, Services, CODE_n, innovation, startup
Dr. Martin Allmendinger | Digitization Consultant, OMM Solutions

Martin is co-founder and managing director of OMM Solutions, which emerged from the University of Hohenheim in 2013 through EXIST. Today, OMM has around 25 employees and, as an IT service provider and consultant, supports medium-sized companiesin establishing digital innovations. He's also the initiator of "Legal Ai Network," which – unique in the industry – brings together major competitors. In 2023, Martin joined the CODE_n team, specifically the SERVICES, as an innovation expert and digitization consultant.

Codey | Hub Dog

Born and raised in an art class of a Stuttgart grammar school. Cheerful and charming partner at all CODE_n events, perfect partner in difficult discussions, intimidating guard dog, yet calm and taciturn at the same time. The perfect partner in crime, dedicated to making your day pawsome! Always content, low maintenance, and zero emission.

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