MEET OUR CODE_N CONTEST FINALISTS 2018: TruPhysics GmbH from Germany

09/13/2018  |  CODE_n18 Startup CONTEST, Digital Transformation, new.New Festival

With expertise in augmented and virtual reality, machine learning and robotics, our CODE_n CONTEST Finalist TruPhysics is always one step ahead in digitizing the world. Through their product TruPhysics VR Engineering, they enable engineering products to be visualized in virtual and augmented reality. CEO Albert Groz tells us more about how their broad base of expertise provides ways to simplify sales and service processes.

Jessica: What is TruPhysics all about?

Albert: TruPhysics was founded in Stuttgart in 2014 with focus on research into real-time physics simulation, development of digital twins and machine learning algorithms in robotics. Our vision is to digitize the world with all its complexity and diversity, in order to enable human and machines a better understanding of their behaviour. The latest product VR Engineering is an easy, fast and affordable method for 3D concepts and feasibility studies with common virtual and augmented reality devices. It enables the visualization and collaboration for engineering products and provides an offline programming of robots and reachability studies for individual robot applications. Also, you can optimize the workflow and cycle times in the production process.

Jessica: How did you come up with the idea?

Albert: The founders met at the University of Stuttgart and participated together in the RoboCup, 2009. Together they won the final against Holland. This success further advanced the idea of creating a virtual simulation environment in which robots learn independently.

One day I met the guys in the office and from then on I was constantly exchanged coffee against consulting in sales and strategy. After many inspiring and fun conversations, I joined the company as CEO. In March 2015 we registered as GmbH. Since then, we have been a steadily growing team with a total of 14 employees.

With the foundation of our company we have built up a wide range of research in machine learning, real-time physics simulations and robotics. We have integrated this high-end knowledge into the virtual and augmented world in order to enable our customers already in the early stage high benefits.

Jessica: What are you trying to solve?

Albert: We focus on the need of modern day industry. The challenges to lower the costs, as well as optimize workflows in marketing sales and service of engineering companies, led us to support each process by using the digital twins of real products.

Our customers benefit from visualization and presentation of complex products, as well as projects, in an appealing and interactive way. They can program robots and machines in Virtual Environment, estimate cycle-times and ergonomics concepts even before the machines were built. With the collaboration module our customers can present their results and discuss with their partners worldwide the projects in a Virtual and Augmented World. Our solutions can be used to enhance international and worldwide cooperation between project partners, independent of their current location.

Jessica:  On your website you claim to be “One step ahead in the future!” In what way(s) are you always one step ahead and what are your specific strategies for fulfilling this goal of yours?

Albert: There are several competitors in VR and AR industry. To stay compatible and deliver the best and most reliable software solutions, we invest in over 30 percent of our resources in research and development to deliver always the cutting-edge features and keep our customers competitive through digitalization.

Our strategy is to be always open for possibilities in the fields of application, so our modular AR/VR framework allows users and industry-oriented extensions within shortest implementation time. We are constantly monitoring the market to identify and solve future problems well before they are known. We provide our customers a cross-functional platform which can be extended to all areas of their product life cycle. This is one of our strategies to always be one step ahead. Due to our great team, there are no limits to our vision. Our multi-cultural team work together and support each other in any field. In this way, new perspectives and viewpoints can be created and worked out. Especially our high-end experience in VR/AR technologies and the various potentials in these areas inspires us to be one step ahead of our competitors.
The imagination knows no bounds. Always one step ahead to keep innovating, keep growing and keep Tru!

Jessica: Thank you for the interview, Albert!

Meet TruPhysics at the new.New Festival 2018this fall, in Stuttgart!