GUEST FEATURE | You Are My Guide YC Graduation opens opportunities to unstoppable growth

12/03/2018  |  CODE_n Alumni, CODE_n18 Startup CONTEST, Digital Transformation

Move your business forward – that is our motto. The world is constantly changing, creating new solutions or upgrading existing models. We are going to have to adapt and come clear with the huge amount of new technology and data circulating in the digital space. At You Are My Guide, we provide the solution! Not only do we help companies increase business growth, but we have recently reached milestones of our own that pave unfamiliar paths and open doors to new, exciting opportunities.

These are exciting times at You Are My Guide and we’re eager to share the recent developments in our company. Our purpose is to invigorate companies’ marketing and sales strategies. We gather marketing intelligence from companies’ existing customer base to refine their knowledge of that market segment in order to help them better define their target market and run successful marketing campaigns. Since 2014, with more than four years in research and development, we have developed proprietary cloud-based, ready-to-use, coding-free, semantic and AI algorithms.


Through our core technology,, a B2B service, we are able to boost our customers’ engagement in digital advertising campaigns, enabling more engagement in less time. We help companies reduce costs and improve the results of marketing and sales strategies. Thanks to our AI-powered marketing platform, we can remove barriers between companies and audience, saving time, and increasing their marketing and sales ROI. We help them understand who their target is, what to communicate to sell better and how to retain customer loyalty.

The innovative technology asset that is part of the You Are My Guide DNA has already made a strike in the Startup Lighthouse program by winning DDW Analytics Lisbon just after our participation as one of the Top 50 world-wide startups at the CODE_n new.New Festival in Stuttgart. Attending the Deep Dive Weeks event organized by Startup Lighthouse has been a wonderful opportunity for valuable network and great mentorship sessions. Our experience with Startup Lighthouse inspired us with fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Being named one of the Top 50 startups at the CODE_n new.New Festival and  a winner at DDW Analitycs Lisbon, You Are My Guide is continuing in scoring high points. Graduating at Y Combinator Startup School has opened up opportunities for unstoppable growth for us. We are excited to announce that we are also part of the NVIDIA Inception Program and included as an INTEL Software Partner, being successfully integrated into the INTEL AI Builder Program.


It is not only a happy moment but also an unlimited scaling moment! We are proud to announce that You Are My Guide graduated from Y Combinator Startup School batch 2018 (#SUS2018).   The Startup School is a virtual boot camp offered by Y Combinator (“YC” for short). YC is the world’s top startup accelerator by exit value and funding. Companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe come out from YC seats. Graduating from YC Startup School gives us access to the full network, opening sales scale opportunities.

We have been lucky to connect with so many other highly motivated entrepreneurs. This is the greatest value you get from YC Startup School. Lectures, office hours, and reserved deals are great, but the huge network composed of famous alumni and thousands of startups is the real treasure. We are now able to have a fast-track to enter the U.S. market. We are going to run initial sales tests to the Startup School Community by the end of this year, studying and measuring the size of the opportunity to be ready to catch this market scale possibility. We would like to remind that YC startups are from all over the world, so we are sure we can find a successful matching also through a European business matching program, such as those promoted by Startup Lighthouse.


Intel® AI Builders program is an ecosystem of industry-leading independent software vendors, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, and other enterprise end users who have the mission of accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence across Intel platforms. Through the program, members can accelerate their time to market. Together, Intel Builders program members are driving the next generation of AI innovation.

We are proud to officially be partnering with INTEL Software by delivering powerful and fully scalable solutions that fit the marketing and sales optimization need of companies of any size. The program allowed us to test new ideas and algorithms that need the best CPU power available.


NVIDIA’s Inception program is a virtual accelerator program that helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. Every Inception member gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, from hardware grants and marketing support to training with deep learning experts.

We joined the NVIDIA Inception program in March 2017. The program allowed us to benefit from the NVIDIA GPU Cloud service (NGC) and specialized training. We developed and tested our solutions in a very fast way, concentrating our effort on the business, at a fraction of the cost. The possibility of using preconfigured Docker machines allowed us to perform several tests in parallel. The support of the NVIDIA team was crucial for the success of the project.

All of these steps have led us to where we are now and we are very excited for all of the opportunities that await us.

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