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02/04/2014  |  CODE_n Alumni, CODE_n14 Startup CONTEST, Startups

Erik Feingold is founder and CEO of Feingold Technologies (Germany)

Erik Feingold is founder and CEO of Feingold Technologies (Germany)

Feingold Technologies is a German startup that provides a platform for analyzing the emotional states of users through voice and text facilities. It combines artificial intelligence and advanced voice frequency algorithms with cutting-edge behavioral science.

In our interview with Erik Feingold, founder and CEO of Feingold Technologies, we get to learn more about the technology and what the company hopes to achieve at CeBIT.

How did you come up with the idea to use big data to analyze the emotional states of users?

When I started my career, analyzing emotional states was as ‘far away’ as the invention of time travel. With the emergence of fMRi (functional magnetic resonance imaging), and many neuro-scientific studies later, it was finally possible to map emotional states and behavioral expressions. What we found is that voice is an excellent carrier of our mental states, our stress and our energy levels.

To date we have analyzed more than 1.4 Mio situations to create the best practice benchmarks that are at the heart of our AI-system, and to match the most suitable improvement to the individual results.

What benefits do your products offer to companies and partners?

Our customers can provide employees with easy to use tools that help them reduce stress, increase confidence and be more efficient in management, sales and service. Technology partners can offers their customers applications that help users stay healthy, have better relationships and lower stress. Our technology can work in the background and on any mobile device. To know how stressed out, how energetic or how confident you are is crucial to making the most out of any situation, may it be in our business or in our personal lives.

Feingold was also rewarded with admission into the Silicon Valley Accelerator program. What differences do you see in the startup landscapes of Germany and the US?

One of the main differences we have experienced is the speed in which things are happening in the US. Spending a week in the Silicon Valley is similar to a few months in Germany. We were also very lucky to have been connected to great mentors through the German Silicon Valley Accelerator program, who are sharing their own experiences with us on important aspects for any startup, like choosing the right go-to-market strategy and business models.

What are your expectations for CODE_n? Do you have anything particular in mind?

I am thrilled that we are a part of the CODE_n program and its network of pioneering technology and Big Data startups. We are looking forward to presenting our solutions at CeBIT and to leveraging the opportunity.


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