The world is becoming evermore digital and businesses are starting to feel the far-reaching effects of this transition. Companies are now tasked with continually re-evaluating and developing their business models, and we believe that this is only truly possible if they open themselves to new ideas from outside, making room for innovation. That’s just the platform we offer in CODE_n.

We are convinced that new ideas result from bringing people together – people who are willing to think outside established boxes and take action accordingly. This includes young, ambitious innovators as well as successful, experienced entrepreneurs. We find these people, bring them together and guide them into the digital future.

Our CODE_n CONTEST was designed to identify the world’s leading young innovators, to give them visibility and promote those business models which promise to shape our digital future.

CODE_n Events brings the digital avant-garde together, fosters exchange among pioneers and gives them a stage for showcasing their groundbreaking ideas.

CODE_n Spaces are unique locations where creativity and business blend together. This is where innovators meet and work on shaping our digital future.

CODE_n CONNECT is a platform for connecting digital pioneers. This network is where new partnerships are formed and tomorrow’s business solutions take flight.

CODE_n is driven by a team of passionate people who live and breathe the vision of the initiative every day:

Ulrich Dietz, Initiator and Mastermind:
A true entrepreneur, Ulrich Dietz set up his first company at the age of just 19. He founded GFT in 1987 and remains at its helm today. Ulrich Dietz is an active member of a number of committees which support startups and promote Germany as a prime international location for IT innovation. In 2011, he was named German Entrepreneur of the Year.

Andrea Wlcek, General Manager:
Andrea sits in the driver’s seat of CODE_n, steering the initiative in the right strategic direction. Together with her team, she is once again on the road to finding the “Code of the New.”

Lena Gaede, Community and Project Manager:
Lena transforms the CODE_n vision into a reality. In charge of the event and community management, she supervises all operational tasks.

Moritz Gräter, Business Development:
Moritz is always driving innovation forward. He gets the perfect package of spirited partners together for CODE_n, fostering our global ecosystem of digital pioneers. Do you want to take part in an extraordinary project? Moritz is your man!

Felix Jansen, Communications Manager:
Busy tying the international communication activities together, Felix takes on the role as the PR Manager for CODE_n. Whenever there are ideas to put into words or media partnerships to establish – he is behind the scenes pulling all the strings.

Domenique Becker, Contest Manager:
Domenique ensures a smooth application process and she does her best to make all contestants feel comfortable. Throughout CeBIT, Domenique is there to assist all CODE_n finalists – and she’s always ready with useful advice and a smile.