Your working environment can boost productivity and creativity! Lessons from Google and Facebook

10/26/2016  |  Business Hacks, Corporate Innovation, Entrepreneurship

First they revolutionized the way we work, now they change the spaces we work in. Leading tech companies like Google, Facebook or Amazon completely transform our work life at the Their working environments are urban legends: something between a theme park and incubator for digital pioneers. Either way it sounds like a lot of fun! Which is great, as the happiness of employees is proven to increase productivity by 31% and creativity by a factor of three. Enough reasons to further investigate the perfect office surrounding. What does the perfect working environment look like?


Leading tech companies are investing big bucks in office designs to keep their employees happy and productive. Google is known for its zany office designs: From hammock-filled workspaces, space designs to Lego rooms, nothing is impossible. You also find open-air swimming pools, a climbing wall and a roof garden. The newest strike is the Google Garage – a whole office on wheels so you can move the furniture around, a totally flexible environment.

The same awesome craziness is happening at Facebook. Yes, they have unconventional office designs, a gaming room, sleeping pods and everything else you are looking for. Just like Google, the core of their office concept is flexibility and personalization. Employees, for example, can tailor the layout, height and configuration of their desk based on personal preferences. In case you don’t prefer to work at the roof terrace anyway…

[vsw id=”hy25C_q0W7E” source=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”no”]

It’s in the small things! What you can do in every office to improve your working environment

Okay, Google and Facebook-style offices might be a little ambitious. But don’t worry, a few changes can turn every office in a working paradise. The most important thing is to offer freedom for employees: when companies started allowing their employees to choose when, where and how to work, they noticed higher levels of satisfaction, innovation and job performance! So the first step should be to establish a flexible working environment: create working spaces for collaboration as well as quiet zones, provide the technical premises to be able to work from anywhere and offer non-compulsory working hours. Additionally, employees should be able to design and decorate their office themselves. They know best what triggers their creativity. Posters, toys, clear walls, music or silence – let them plenty of rope.

Bottom line: who can control his or her environment, feels more comfortable and happy and therefore performs better. If you are still looking for a creativity boosting office for your startup or corporation, have a look at our CODE_n SPACES! This co-working office is the epitome of flexibility: you can adapt your surroundings as needed or simply change to another working place. Read more about the benefits and offers of SPACES here.