We present CODE_n15 Top 50 Finalists from 17 countries

01/27/2015  |  CODE_n Alumni, CODE_n15 Startup CONTEST, News | Trends

Mission accomplished: Out of 400 startups from all over the world, 50 are now finalists of this years CODE_n CONTEST “Into the Internet of Things”. From March 16-20, those handpicked young entrepreneurs will showcase their innovative Digital Life, Future Mobility, Smart City and Industry 4.0 solutions as part of our CODE_n hall 16 at CeBIT.

Selected by looking at criteria such as degree of innovation, quality of business case, quality of presentation or technological innovation, all 50 finalists have five days to connect with one another and to showcase their idea and business models to visitors, potential partners, investors and customers.

“In some cases you actually find yourself saying ‘I should have thought of that myself’. But in every single case, the dedication, technical expertise and vision displayed by our finalists to implement their ideas is truly impressive.”

says Ulrich Dietz, CEO of the GFT Group and Initiator of CODE_n

Curtain up for the 50 CODE_n15 finalists from 17 countries:

Digital Life

aisoy quadrat


aisoy builds a revolutionary emotional robotic mentor for kids. Friendly, helpful, intelligent and connected, aisoy enhances creativity through discovery combined with a new class of personal robotic platform for an innovative educational concept.

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ambiotex quadrat


ambiotex produces a smart sensor shirt for health conscious individuals, who have the desire to analyze their vital data and to improve their performance. The shirt combines fitness monitoring technology with state of the art textiles to obtain an innovative high-tech shirt which measures data such as heart rate variability (HRV), respiration rate, training performance and stress levels.

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Connected Health

Connected-health.eu builds a secure connection between doctors and patients.
Our product LifeTime allows patients to transfer health data be it medical history or data acquired by wearable tech devices in the doctor’s office locally & securely from and to their smartphones.

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cozify quadrat

Cozify Oy

Cozify is an easy and intelligent service to simplify the use of smart devices at home. The goal is to bring home automation to everyone. Cozify hub easily automates smart devices across different manufacturer specific silos.

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glagla quadrat


Digitsole is the very first interactive, connected and heated insole. The product makes it possible to control the feet temperature with a simple click on a smartphone and also to keep track of the distance walked and the calories burned. The insole can be controlled with a dedicated app on the smartphone.

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InsulinAngel quadrat

Insulin Angel

Insulin Angel is an Internet of Things device that is connected to an app via Bluetooth. It helps diabetics keep their Insulin in the safe temperature and never forget it.

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leapin digitalkeys quadrat

LEAPIN Digital Keys

LEAPIN Digital Keys is a smartphone enabled access control system often referred to as a smartlock. Using your phone you can set, send, receive and revoke time-sensitive digital keys.

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Lhings quadrat


Lhings has developed an innovative IoT cloud platform for end-users who can start using its services by just creating a free account. Therefore, the platform allows people to interact with devices and and with them, offer services to others.

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loopd quadrat


Loopd is an advanced Proximity Marketing Solution that comprises an embeddable, bi-directional “beacon” chip, mobile application for users and powerful analytics that track engagement in real time.

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Muzzley is an IoT platform that gathers connected devices in a single place, enabling them to learn with the user behavior and his context.

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novi security quadrat

Novi Security

Novi Security developed a security system that offers renters, homeowners, and small-business owners an all-in-one security system for a fraction of the cost. It is a simplified security product with key security features such as motion and smoke detection, cameras, and sirens at an affordable price.

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oort quadrat


OORT delivers a smart home system exclusively based on Bluetooth Smart technology. Because of its compatibility, it integrates with both oort devices (like smart bulbs, sockets, beacons and sensors) and third party devices that are Bluetooth Smart compatible.

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pipesbox quadrat


PipesBox is a hub for the smart home. Users have the chance to find their unique use cases for their personal digital life. PipesBox includes web services (e.g. Dropbox, Twitter) and wearables (e.g. Jawbone UP) as well as hardware devices to create useful applications through combinations and is open to all smart home technologies.

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reelyActive quadrat


reelyActive enables Smart Spaces that understand the context of what’s happening in real time by detecting and locating the people and objects that are present. By connecting everyone and everything to their existing digital profiles, the space becomes capable of understanding and adapting to people’s presence. The technology platform empowers third-parties to develop their own contextually-aware products and experiences.

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securecloud quadrat


Secucloud’s ECS2, a Cloud-based IT security system, filters your entire data stream on IoT devices both at home and on the move – independent of the operating system. Depending on the provider, it does so even without the installation of extra software or apps. Secucloud is offered for mobile users, smart home, businesses and industry 4.0.

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Wicross is the meeting point between users, manufacturers of connected devices, developers and brands. Users can create automated connections between their devices. Developers and brands propose smart programs which push the connected objects limits further. Users can also interact in order to share their feelings about the connections and the devices they use.

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Smart Cities

homey quadrat


Homey is the voice-controlled home automation that brings your home to life. Homey combines the possibilities of, home automation with entertainment systems and online information services, and is very swift in interaction by combining a smartphone app for remote control with voice recognition and analysis for in-house interaction.

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carriots quadrat


Carriots is a Platform-as-a-Service designed for Internet of Things and Machine to Machine projects. Carriots allows to collect data from connected objects, store the data and easily build powerful applications.

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contagt quadrat


contagt is a smart indoor-guide. Instead of printed maps and signs, contagt uses mobile devices, QR/NFC-tags and beacons for orientation. With contagt, building operators can make visitors, customers and employees feel “at home”.

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cubilog quadrat


Cubilog developed an ultra-modular data acquisition and control hardware with an intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based data processing and control software. It is used construct and maintain complex data collection, data processing and control systems without any system integration or hardware skills required.

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greenbird Integration Technology

Metercloud.io integration services provide ready-to-use integration solutions and configurable business, integration processes for smart metering and smart grids. Configurable Metercloud services support core usage scenarios for utilities. Metercloud.io is delivered as Orchestration-as-a-Service.

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Hudqay quadrat


HUDWAY is an augmented-reality application for navigation when visibility is reduced to 50-60 meters and overall conditions are dangerous — heavy snow, rain, fog, dusk or darkness. The user puts the smartphone onto a dashboard, close to the windshield, and starts driving. The live visualization of the road created on the smartphone screen is reflected off the windshield, making it a HUD.

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kiwiki quadrat


KIWI is a handsfree access-as-a-service infrastructure for apartment buildings providing efficiency gains for real estate industry and true convenience for residents. KIWI makes the physical key obsolete and connects cities by connecting every front door.

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NWave quadrat

NWave Technologies

The NWave platform allows long range, low power, low cost Machine to Machine communications, that enables the penetration of the Internet of Things into areas poorly served by traditional cellular or short range technologies, and is opening up new horizons in everything from smart agriculture and advanced metering infrastructure, to smart parking, smart health and asset tracking.

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sensefinity quadrat


Sensefinity offers a simple way for small and medium enterprises to benefit from the information acquired by their assets. By plugging the offered devices and registering to the platform projects can immediately start using the data gathered from their assets.

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vebbu is a smart thermostat designed to address key weaknesses in existing smart thermostat systems, especially in the European market. The core strength of the vebbu system is the ability to deliver advanced and sophisticated networks of if necessary large numbers of devices to the average consumer, which was previously only possible through complicated and expensive home automation systems.




Xetal developed beaconless indoor positioning systems that enable IoT, smart home applications and help elderly live better and hospitals to be safer. MoCa is a people indoor localization system that does not require the person to carry or wear any special device.

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Industry 4.0

com2m quadrat


com2m provides a software platform as Software-as-a-Service that can be used to build Machine to Machine applications without high investments in just a few minutes. Based on an innovative software design and a generative development approach, the solution can easily be customized or be used to create specific applications.


evercam quadrat


Evercam is a developer platform for cameras that makes it easy to integrate IP cameras with any other software application or Internet of Things platform for visual inspection and verification of events. Evercam uses security cameras for non-security functions, e.g. Sales & Marketing by applying the open principles of IoT to the world of Closed Circuit Television.

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idatase quadrat


NetLume is an innovative tool for maintenance and administration of complex network systems. It automatically collects the sensor or log data of devices in the network and turns them into well formatted information for analyzing purposes.

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IS Predict quadrat

IS Predict

Resource Intelligence is a self-learning analysis and prediction solution which offers foresighted recommendations for daily operations. It can even automatically control processes with complex process structures or data structures. Dynamic simulation methods discover hidden optimization potentials.


itizzimo quadrat


iTiZZiMO simplifier is a platform to standardize the development of business processes and connect backend systems with mobile/wearable devices using context-aware technologies.

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kumi for health quadrat

kumi for health

kumi for health developed a web-based, platform-type software delivered to hospital departments as a service. kumi Flow offers a patient-specific innovative link between diseases, corresponding clinical pathways and tools allowing for care-team-interaction. Within kumi Flow’s smart logistics solution, network- based information (e.g. from sensors/ location trackers) will dynamically drive optimization of Health Care professionals proposed workflows and lead to better provision of care.


m2mgo quadrat


M2MGO is the platform for a connected world, that enables you to create apps for your Internet of Things business case in a never seen speed, almost no upfront costs and without writing a line of code. M2MGO is the first cloud solution that fully covers all requirements of an Internet of Things application.

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oden technologies quadrat

Oden Technologies

Oden Technologies fits sensors to machines of a production line, which directly send real-time data for KPIs like run rate, rejection rates, and machine downtime (causes, frequencies, lead times). The resulting analytics highlights problems to be fixed on the ground. Using machine learning, it is possible to identify the key drivers to the problems and install predictive alerts.

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Optoforce quadrat


OptoForce creates 3- and 6-axis sensors based on a novel optical principle, using silicone as base material. The technology used enables OptoForce to build the sensors at a fraction of the usual costs.

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PTX quadrat

PTX technical expertise

4D MMS – Multi Mobility Safety enables machines and vehicles to see and to recognize. Machines and industrial robots do not have to be in a secured area or an enclosed system but will be Germany able to act independently based on a 3D laser scanner. Cars are able to detect the environment around a car on a much more detailed 3D level instead of radar and ultrasonic sound.


relayr quadrat


relayr combines hardware and cloud Software-as-a-Service: The flagship product WunderBar is a sensor kit with 8 sensor channels, 6 Beacon BlueTooth 4.0 modules and a Wifi Master module. The WunderBar is for rapid-prototyping new smart solutions combining hardware and software while the relayr OpenSensorCloud provides 6 SDKs, APIs, rich documentation and tutorial apps.

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vayusense quadrat

VAYU Sense

VAYU sense developed a device that optimizes pharmaceutical production processes and blood storage by giving the operator “eyes in the process”; real-time; non-invasively; continuously. It enables the measurement of concentrations of metabolic gas in unprecedented bandwidth using a laser.


waylay quadratwaylay

waylay is a Platform-as-a-Service that is purpose-built to design, simulate and deploy automation and predictive maintenance use cases for IoT and connected devices.

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Future Mobility

catch motion quadrat

Catch Motion Inc.

CA7CH makes the world’s smallest hands-free, wearable, live-streaming cameras that you can live with and share your life through.


Comthings quadrat


ComThings offers a digital key for parking-sharing and home delivery. Access is managed via smartphone and granted using the cloud without physical modifications on the entry mechanism.

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otp quadrat

Flycar Innovations

Flycar Innovations offers an innovative open telematic platform (otp) for new service models in the telematic area. Otp enables every motorist the use of modern telematics applications on his smartphone, even for older vehicles (since 2001).


füz design quadrat

FÜZ Designs

FÜZ has designed Noke, a padlock that leverages bluetooth 4.0 technology. Noke is easily unlocked by Bluetooth enabled smartphones and allows users to share access with others via the Noke iOS, Android or Windows Phone app.

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has.to.be is a cloud service provider, specialised on two applications: be.ENERGISED enables everybody to operate a modern charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The application controls stations, plans service operations and enables the billing of charging processes. The application be.ORGANISED is a complete CRM and project management suite for small companies, including contact-, project- and document management, invoicing and billing.

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ivanto offers a product suite that makes public transport accessible. BusAccess and TramAccess communicate the line and the ride target of public transport vehicles nearby. These products further offer the possibility to interact with the vehicles (Stop, Service requests). SoundAccess helps visually impaired to find vehicle doors. StationAccess is a product that offers indoor localization and guidance.

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ivips fleet management quadrat

ivips Fleet Management

ivips offers businesses a modular web- based platform to manage their fleet in a user-friendly and cost-efficient manner. The software allows for efficient management and detailed reporting, while data captured by on-board hardware units is incorporated in advanced planning, track and trace, maintenance and accounting.

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parkpocket is a big data company for parking. In real-time, car drivers are informed about vacant car parks, prices, e-mobility charging stations and other features, and are directly navigated there. parkpocket’s solution can be used via its own mobile app, but is also easily integrated into other digital devices and services.

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parktag quadrat


ParkTAG turns smartphones into parking sensors. 30% of urban traffic can be reduced by efficient allocation of vacant spots in real-time. ParkTAG has a unique predictive analytics technology that harvests free parking spots at virtually no cost.

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ulu quadratisch


ULU is a vehicle/driver ecosystem connecting stakeholders around the vehicle with the driver in mind. It provides real time answers to businesses in the ecosystem and connected vehicle experience and feedback to the driver.

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