How to put together a successful innovation team: the 5 key personality types you need

05/08/2017  |  Business Hacks, Corporate Innovation, Digital Transformation

Ever seen a good movie with a cast composed of a variation of one and the same character actors? No? Course you haven’t. To create a perfect interplay between all the personalities, you need a well-harmonized ensemble with characters who balance each otherout. Creating the perfect movie cast is somehow like forming a successful innovation team. What are the key personality types you need in order to making your movie – uh, business team – work out? CODE_n puts itself into the role of a director and presents 5 key personalities you need for a groundbreaking innovation team.

Key personality for an innovation team #1: Mr. Visionary Creative

Building an innovation team requires one thing: an impulse. And to generate it, we need someone with an actual creative vision. Someone with phantasy, who’s driven by curiosity and openness to new experiences. Every team needs visionaries to advocate creative ideals that substantiate the product idea.


Key personality for an innovation team #2: Mr. Analytical

Sometimes entrepreneurs get so hyped about their ideas and visions, they neglect figuring out a sustainable and profitable business model. Consequently, what you need is someone with an analytical mind. Creating cool new things might be all fun and games, but we are also building a business, so having a well-fitted business plan is crucial.

Key personality for an innovation team #3: Fam. Relationship-focused

People work best when they feel comfortable with their team. Nothing’s worse than an unpleasant work atmosphere that makes employees to desperately hope for the business day to end. To make sure there’s an actual sense of cohesiveness, you need team members who naturally focus on relationships with empathy and diplomatic skills.

Key personality for an innovation team #4: Miss Pragmatic

Whenever dreams get a little bit too crazy, you need someone who checks dreams against reality. That’s what the pragmatic team member does. The pragmatist identifies risky assumptions and assures that they are viable and marketable before introducing a new product or service into the market.

Key personality for an innovation team #5: Mrs. Perfectionist

We all have that one friend who’s always striving for perfectionism. And yes, sometimes the ambition to be perfect around the clock appears to be exaggerated and slightly annoying. Although the truth execution.

So, you see it’s all about the mixture: for the perfect cast of great key personality types you need different players in order for your team and your business to thrive! For more tips and tricks check out our Business-Hacks section on the CODE_n Blog!