Seven Tips for Using Social Media at CeBIT

02/20/2013  |  Business Hacks, News | Trends

CeBIT is right around the corner, and we know our finalists and attendees are busy getting ready for the big event. Before heading to Hanover, though, make sure you have a plan for using social media. It might not seem like a priority now, but following a few simple guidelines can make your conference experience even more successful:

Before CeBIT

  • Update your profiles. It’s obvious but essential: check that your profiles have the most current information and are properly linked. Make it easy for people to get in touch.
  • Alert your fans. Let people know you’re going to be attending via your existing social media channels, and start using the appropriate hashtags. (Hint: they’re #CODE_n and #CeBIT!)

During CeBIT

  • Tweet to meet. Let others know where you’re going, and when, so that they can connect with you in person.
  • Report from the field. See an interesting presentation, notice an emerging trend, or read an interesting tweet? Tell others about it—as long as it’s not confidential information, of course.
  • Keep track. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information flying around, so use an application like TweetDeck to monitor hashtags, mentions, retweets, and messages. You’re still using #CODE_n and #CeBIT, right? It’s the best way for your updates to be found!

After CeBIT

  • Record it. Write a blog post, create a video, collect your favorite tweets—whatever will help you capture the highlights of the event before you forget.
  • Stay in touch. Follow up on new contacts and work to maintain the relationship, both online and in person, over the coming months.

What other tips have you found helpful at past events? Let us know in the comments!