This company enables you to better leverage business opportunities and optimize risk management: meet AXON INSIGHT

07/26/2017  |  Digital Transformation, Interview, News | Trends

Our next community member is ready to be announced! We are delighted to spread more fantastic news about the CODE_n SPACES – there has been another exciting addition to the Innovation Campus: A team from the smart data company AXON INSIGHT moved into CODE_n SPACES in June 2017. AXON INSIGHT is part of the Axon Active Group, which developed the map technology for Google Maps among other things. The company offers insights into real-time network relationships – which can be extremely valuable in case of customer acquisition and risk management! One of the company’s plans is to establish a new generation of digital marketing in the financial industry in collaboration with GFT Technologies SE. Their focus here is on digital assistance systems for consultants in the financial industry, in the distribution, risk management and fraud prevention sectors. We spoke with Almir Adrovic (head of business development and member of the Executive Board) about the business concept and asked how they became the latest resident of CODE_n SPACES. Welcome to the CODE_n family, team AXON INSIGHT!

Matthias Lütcke, Natalia Drzewoszewska and Dennis Eversmann have been driving forward the AXON INSIGHT business concept at the Stuttgart site in CODE_n SPACES since June, 2017.

1. Hello Almir, welcome to CODE_n SPACES! You’ve just recently moved into the CODE_n premises. What exactly does AXON INSIGHT do and what does your business concept have to do with digitization?

Almir Adrovic: To make long story short…. Axon Insight’s predecessor company Endoxon developed the pioneering blue GEO-mapping technology and was acquired by Google in late 2006. The technology remains to this day an integral part of Google Maps.

The current vision: To deduce findings for market cultivation by banks and insurers from the unstructured customer and contact networks of large companies based on our network intelligence (analytics). We see ourselves as a digital assistant that derives readable knowledge for users from mass data. We capitalize on our customers’ business network.

2. How did you hear about CODE_n and why did you decide to grow your company here on the innovation campus?

Almir Adrovic: We heard about CODE_n from a business contact and were immediately won over by the approach. CODE_n forms a bridge between startups and established businesses and helps entrepreneurs to share ideas. We want to develop new ideas in the CODE_n community and get them on the road.

3. You also work with GFT Technologies in the field of bank industry digitization. What are your joint plans?

Almir Adrovic: As a pioneer in the field of network intelligence we hope that, together with GFT, we can provide banks and insurers with so many insights that these financials can serve us all much more efficiently and individually.

4. What do you think are the current biggest challenges in terms of big data?

Almir Adrovic: Most companies talk about big data, yet most of them are still occupied with basic issues such as data quality. There are companies that enter the same existing customers up to six times into their databases. Some of them are still doing basic work in order to even start tackling big data at all.

5. What trends will catch on? What will the market look like in ten years?

Almir Adrovic: In the United States, you’d say “that’s a good question”. I am sure that digital assistants will catch on for various purposes, both privately and commercially. Expectations have increased, for example consumers want sensible hints and tips or individually tailored offers in all walks of life.

With regard to the second question – ask me again in EIGHT years 😉

6. What’s next – what are your immediate plans?

Almir Adrovic: We want to make business users’ (working) lives easier and, especially, more successful with our digital assistant!

Thank you Almir, we wish your team a great start at the CODE_n SPACES! We’ll report on your activities on the blog in the near future.

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