Motivation hacks for business: 5 bullet-proof tips to boost your motivation!

11/03/2016  |  Business Hacks, Corporate Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Yes we can! Just do it! When you are sitting at your desk without traction, this is what Barack Obama and Shia LaBeouf would probably tell you. To boost your motivation, you can either play their videos in an infinite loop in your office – or become your own motivation master! Because tackling big challenges and pushing through laborious projects can be easy if you know the right motivation hacks. Read on for 5 bullet-proof motivation tips every entrepreneur should know!


Motivation hacks for business #1: set goals right!

If you have elaborated goals, it gets a lot easier to work according to them and it will lavish motivation on you. Luckily, there is a golden formula for that! The SMART goal helps you outline your objectives, clarify the importance of the goal, and show your progress – a real motivation dispenser. Just try and set your goals according to these 5 criteria: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based.

Motivation hacks for business #2: make a master plan!

So you got your north stars worked out. Now, what will keep your motivation high through the day is a detailed plan for each day. Why not make it a routine? Take your fifteen minutes every morning and review and refine your overall plan and set tasks for the day. The more precise – the better! Because then you are more prone to stick to it. Not to mention how satisfying ticking off to-do lists is!


Motivation hacks for business #3: move your body!

Science says exercise makes you smarter, less stressed and more creative. The best thing: small doses already do wonders! To boost your motivation, take a ten-minute walk or a few minutes of power poses. Even just standing up will get your juices flowing and activate your powers.

Motivation hacks for business #4: organize your thoughts!

Let us guess: your entrepreneur mind is always cluttered with to-dos, ideas, strategies and so on, right? In such a state it is hard to focus on one task and get it done effectively. But by organizing these thoughts you can give way for motivation! Write them down and put them on hold or talk to another person about them to get them straight.

Motivation hacks for business #5: eat power food!

Sugary snacks may boost your energy for a while, but after this high the blood sugar level crashes and so does cognitive performance. But there is help! Power foods fuel your body and brain with dopamine. This is the perfect excuse to equip your office snack bar with dark chocolate, blueberries, nuts, avocado, and whole grain toast, for example.