Meet the CODE_n13 finalists for: Carbon Footprint & Sustainability

02/28/2013  |  CODE_n Alumni, CODE_n13 Startup CONTEST, Startups

Carbon footprint became a buzzword of the 21st century. It acts as an indicator for sustainability. The innovations of our finalists in this field help to have a better eye on the carbon footprint and therefore offer an opportunity to reduce it. Have a look at Carbon Control, EcoChain, ecotastic, Get-neutral, Opara, Sustainable Reference and TheGreenAge*.

Carbon Control - Darragh Kirby

Carbon Control – Darragh Kirby

EcoChain - Boudewijn & Jochem Mos

EcoChain – Boudewijn & Jochem Mos

ecotastic - Anna Yukiko Bickenbach

ecotastic – Anna Yukiko BickenbachGet-neutral - Holger Rupp

Get-neutral – Holger Rupp

Opara - Gustavo Monteiro

Opara – Gustavo Monteiro

Sustainable Reference - Andy Bäcker

Sustainable Reference – Andy Bäcker

*As soon as we receive the questionnaire of TheGreenAge it will be found here as well.