MEET OUR CODE_N CONTEST FINALISTS 2018: Butleroy from Austria

07/09/2018  |  CODE_n Alumni, CODE_n18 Startup CONTEST, Interview

To achieve your goals and prioritize your needs, there’s always a smarter way to manage time and increase efficiency and productivity and still have time for yourself. Our CODE_n CONTEST Finalist Butleroy, headquartered in Linz, Austria, developed an AI-powered scheduling tool, which not only saves time, but also improves outcomes for all your personal needs. In our interview with CEO and Co-founder, Philipp Baldauf, we found out exactly how Butleroy plans to reshape the way people manage their valuable time.

Aishah: What is Butleroy all about?

Philipp: Butleroy is an artificially intelligent butler who finds time for your activities. It can automatically plan your reminders, to-do lists, tasks, and hobbies. Butleroy considers your calendar information as well as other factors. Depending on the appointment, these factors are the weather, traffic information, planned location, social media data, and other influences. Butleroy uses all this information to work out the best time for any particular event. All this is done by using artificial intelligence running in the background, so you can focus on getting the most out of your time. To take this one step further, Butleroy can also be integrated into business processes. This allows you to automatically book appointments with places like restaurants, car repair shops, hairdressers, doctors, and more. We help identify the best time for you as well as the business.

Aishah: How did you come up with the idea?

Philipp: It was when we were studying. We had a hard time organizing and managing the work load, our hobbies, and family and friend commitments. So we thought about a solution that would help us to organize these things. We began researching the topic and started to build a solution. In 2017, we founded the company after graduation, by which time we’d already been researching and working on the topic for two years. This enabled us to launch within weeks of setting up the company. We were invited to do this at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, at the official Release It! event, where we were one of ten finalists from all over the world.

Aishah: What are you trying to solve?

Philipp: We help people manage their workload and tasks, while also finding time for their routine activities and hobbies. Our artificially intelligent calendar works out the best times for all activities and enables our users to be more productive.

To alleviate the overall scheduling problem, our solution is also integrated into business systems. This makes it easy for people to schedule appointments at restaurants, car repair shops, hairdressers, doctors, and more.

Aishah: Can you imagine a future version of Butleroy actually replacing human assistants? Are there any additional features you’ve been thinking about?

Philipp: Our vision for Butleroy is that it will become the first-port-of-call app for everything related to scheduling – from personal tasks to to-do lists and business appointments. Butleroy is not intended to replace human assistants, but our aim is for everyone to have one. Most people don’t have a personal assistant, so they struggle with the number of appointments, the overlaps between different appointments, and how to plan all the tasks.

The time people save with Butleroy will enable them to invest their time more prudently and put the fun and creativity back into tasks.

Aishah: Thank you for the interview, Philipp!

Meet Butleroy at the new.New Festival 2018 this fall, in Stuttgart!


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