Meet CODE_n finalist G|Predictive

03/04/2014  |  CODE_n Alumni, CODE_n14 Startup CONTEST, Entrepreneurship
Björn Goerke is the CEO of G|Predictive

Björn Goerke is the CEO of G|Predictive

G|Predictive is a startup based in Germany that offers individual predictions on constantly recurring questions within the marketing and sales process. The enterprise developed Customer Lifetime Suite, a software-as-a-service application which provides an up-to-date overview of the current and future behavior of customers, each of which is analyzed individually.We are looking forward to meeting G|Predictive, one of the Top 50 finalists at the CODE_n contest at this year’s CeBIT. Björn Goerke, founder and CEO of the startup, will tell us a little bit more about their Big Data solutions and also how they are preparing for CODE_n.

When was G|Predictive founded and what was its inspiration?
G|Predictive was founded in December 2009. We started off consulting in the general field of big data. We soon realized that we there was a need for products. So, in late 2011 we made a complete u-turn and subsequently withdrew from the consulting business to focus on the product business. We hired data scientists and developers, and are currently building a sales force and are delighted to report that we are gaining momentum.

What are the main benefits you offer your clients?
We help our customers with their data-driven decision-making. Many companies have big data and everybody “knows” that the data holds great value. But what’s not known is how to unlock the key to this treasure chest. For many, the big problem is complexity. This is where our products come in, throughout the entire customer life cycle. For example, if a company wants to conduct a sales campaign, the only thing that’s known is the cost. By pinpointing patterns in the company’s sales data, our software tells the business what sales it can expect from the campaign, as well as the profits. So, our customers can zoom in on the most valuable campaigns and launch those. The benefit to our customers is that they no longer need to worry about the data and they don’t even need to know all that much about statistics. Everything is taken care of through the backend of our software. To sum it all up: We make data-driven decisions as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Which role do startups play in the development of big data technology?
We’re noticing a lot of big data startups at the moment. I think what startups are particularly good at delivering are applications that are easy to use and deliver a high level of value to their customers. Plus another thing: startups are faster – a lot faster.

What are your expectations for CODE_n and the future of G|Predictive?
We feel honored that we made it into the final. We are looking forward to expanding our network to key partners to the industry. This could be other startups, customers, industry partners, but also financing partners. We have set ourselves extremely ambitious goals. We aim to grow quickly and secure a good share of the market. And this needs a strong network.