Meet CODE_n finalist AutoGrid System

04/08/2014  |  CODE_n Alumni, CODE_n14 Startup CONTEST, Entrepreneurship

AutoGrid System is based in Silicon Valley, more precisely, in Redwood City, California. The American startup organizes the vast and growing amount of energy data produced from an increasingly networked and automated grid. With deployments of smart meters, distributed generation, and other grid sensing technologies reaching critical mass, the electricity supply chain now has to deal with greater data volumes than ever before. And AutoGrid is here to work on this problem, improving the production and consumption of electricity.

Amit Narayan, founder and CEO of the startup, explains to us a bit more about how the company connects big data and the energy industry. He also talks about their experience at CODE_n during CeBIT.

Amit Narayan

Amit Narayan, founder and CEO of AutoGrid System

How does AutoGrid use big data, predictive analytics, and cloud computing to optimize the electrical grid?

Autogrid organizes the world’s energy data using Internet-scale, secure cloud computing to process the petabytes of information produced in an increasingly networked and automated grid. AutoGrid employs big data analytics to generate real-time predictions and implement programs for electricity generators, providers, grid operators, and their customers to optimize the use of assets across the grid and manage costs through a comprehensive Energy Data Platform (EDP)™

Apps built upon EDP™ are powered by forecasting and optimization engines, managing functions such as:

  • End-to-end Demand Response with our Demand Response Optimization & Management System (DROMS)
  • Home Energy Management through our customer portal, which Schneider is white-labeling as their Wiser product
  • Peak Charge Management for facilities with Energy Cost Optimizer (ECO), an app co-developed with NTT DATA

Who can use AutoGrid’s platform and how?

Anyone along the electricity value chain can use AutoGrid’s platform and apps, including utility companies, power retailers, ESCOs, facilities, and customers. Apps on the Electricity Data Platform (EDP) are Web-based. Users can subscribe via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Additionally, resellers can license the technology. Silver Spring Networks is reselling our DROMS app as their own product, as “Demand Optimizer” within their Utility IQ suite.

What is the most significant impact of the technology developed by your startup?

AutoGrid makes the most efficient use of energy-generating assets on the grid, and enables new technology such as renewable generation, electric vehicles, and storage to go online easily and economically. Our goal is to make energy clean, abundant, and affordable for all.

Compared to building new power plants, AutoGrid’s software can be implemented for less than 1/10 of the cost. One of our customers, Oklahoma Gas and Electric, has used demand response to avoid building a new power plant. They have over 60,000 residential customers participating in a time-of-use program called SmartHours. Their customers are excited to participate and save money.

Autogrid received the CODE_n Business Innovation Award. In your opinion, what led to your startup receiving this prize?

The judges cited the reasons for the award as being that AutoGrid had demonstrated impressive market maturity in a short timespan, and that the company was solving a major global issue with massive impact.

How can CODE_n affect the future of AutoGrid?

CODE_n has been an amazing experience for AutoGrid. The global recognition that we have received and the number of interested potential customers, especially in the European market, has been fantastic.