Top hot spots of the Internet of Things and Humans – IoTH is spreading!

11/11/2016  |  CODE_n Alumni, CODE_n16 Startup CONTEST, new.New Festival

We all understand: the Internet of Things fundamentally changes the way we work, live and play. At the CODE_n CONTEST 2015 we even delved “into the Internet of Things” and learned everything about the new capable objects and systems. But some people tend to forget about an essential hub of this all-connecting network: us. But then again, we are already diving into a new era of the Internet of Things and Humans, in short IoTH. So what role do humans play in the Internet of Things? And what are the hot spots and trends in the IoTH? Time to further explore this topic!


From IoT to IoTH – what is it all about?

The new possibilities through the Internet of Things require thinking about how humans and things interact and cooperate. Humans and machines now complement each other: devices learn from humans by observing their behavior and adapting to it – for example heating systems that know the preferences of the residents. But it also works the other way around: when humans take advice from devices to change car materials or tips for energy saving, they learn from them. As a matter of fact, humans actually become a part of the network! The easiest entry to the Internet of Things are smartphones and wearable devices. But you can also take it a step further – a solution that literally gets under your skin. We’ll talk about that later. First, let’s take a look at the hot spots of IoTH!

Internet of Things and Humans – hot spot #1: Smart Homes

Energy saving and comfort is a huge driver here. As humans move throughout the space, movement sensors can turn on and off lighting, heaters or ac. The coffee machine awaits you with coffee when you get up and the fridge automatically buys the milk for you. Everything is connected and ready to serve you and your individual patterns. You can control devices in your home via your smartphone, as CODE_n Alumni oort offers or even talk to them, as our Alumni Athom suggests.


Internet of Things and Humans – Hot spot #2: Smart Cities and Connected Mobility

Not to forget the world outside our homes: new opportunities for Smart Cities and Connected Mobility will help saving time, money and ultimately making our roads safer. Sensors will have an impact on how vehicles and navigation systems talk to users and lead them through the city jungle. Our CODE_n CONTEST winner of 2016 in the Connected Mobility cluster evopark came up with a special solution: a connection to the world of parking spaces!

Internet of Things and Humans – Hot spot #3: Healthcare

Last, but definitely not least is the healthcare sector. This is a sector where the place of humans in the Internet of Things becomes more than obvious. Pwc stated that mobile health app adoption doubled from 16% in 2013 to 32% in 2015. We see them everywhere: wearables or applications to measure and track our health, be it in consumer sector or in clinical use. Our 13 finalists in the HealthTech cluster of the CODE_n CONTEST 2016 presented many ideas worth exploring!

Pioneer in the Internet of Things and Humans: Hannes Sjoblad

We don’t want to leave you to your thoughts without having talked about Hannes Sjoblad, a so-called biohacker from Sweden. He is a pioneer in integrating humans into the Internet of Things and making them “cyborgs”. He took part in a very interesting discussion at the new.New Festival this year about modern cyborgs and the connected body. Feel free to watch this talk again and get inspired from his vision!


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