Find your perfect business match to tackle the future together – with CODE_n CONNECT!

07/29/2016  |  CODE_n Alumni, Entrepreneurship, Startups

The digital disruption brings great challenges for every business. To stay competitive, companies need high adaptability, innovation and market know-how. But don’t worry, you are not alone! Innovative startups and experienced corporates can team up and use the enormous potential that lies in the synergy of their strengths. And yes, no matter if you are looking for an innovative startup or an experienced corporate – there is a company out there that offers those qualities that complement your business. Together you will be able to conquer all challenges! But how to find your perfect business match? That’s what CODE_n CONNECT is all about. Read more to learn about the benefits of CODE_n CONNECT for startups and corporates.


CODE_n CONNECT benefits for startups: Rise up with your business coach!

Young companies often fail in making their business grow and overcoming barriers to entering new markets. Here is where they can learn and profit from experienced corporates – just like a business coach! These have the know-how, financial security backing and professional structures for bringing forward new business ideas. At CODE_n CONNECT startups can present themselves with their motivations and revolutionary ideas to leading corporations. By specifying your needs for collaborations, you also benefit from the matching system. This way we can connect you those corporates who help you develop your ideas. Once you have found your business match, your startup will be ready to rise up!

CODE_n CONNECT benefits for corporates: Find your key asset for the future!

Established companies need exciting stimulus for cultural changes as they often lack the freedom of entrepreneurial or out of the box thinking. Startups, with their innovative power, will allow them to grow beyond their traditional business models and tackle the challenges of the digital economy. As a large corporate you can benefit from the acceleration in innovation that digital startups will kick off. Also, they will bring you insights into the state-of-the-art technologies and innovative business models. Get inspired by new trends and impulses and let your young business match be your key asset for the future!


CODE_n CONNECT – digital matchmaking for startups and corporates

Experienced coaches with a large network of partners, financial capacities and in-depth expertise or key assets with an ability to take risks, openness, innovative power and entrepreneurial spirit – each of them has what the other one needs! Together, startups and corporates complement each other and profit from their partners’ strengths. At CODE_n CONNECT you can find an extensive network of digital pioneers from many different countries – and one of them surely is your right lid to the pot! Find your perfect business match to tackle the future together and sign up to CODE_n CONNECT now!