Finalist | Wicross (France) - one application for all smart devices

02/20/2015  |  CODE_n Alumni, CODE_n15 Startup CONTEST, Interview

There are more and more smart and connected devices. In most cases the user needs to manage a whole bunch of apps to manage and control them – which can sometimes be a little bit inconvenient. The French startup Wicross wants to simplify all this and is offering one app for all smart devices. Here’s a short interview with the CODE_n finalist.

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Where did your idea for the company come from?

Wicross: The idea came from observing emerging technology in France – and more widely in Europe – and the Internet of Things ecosystem. It seems to be the reference point throughout the world. We thought: “For once, why don’t we try to keep all the added value created by this ecosystem over here (data and services relating to the IoT), instead of giving it all to the USA?”. Wicross was born.

For which kind of audience is your product or service intended and what problem is it solving?

Wicross: We address two types of Internet of Things stakeholders. Our end users are the owners of connected objects, who are now able to access a wide range of services relating to their objects, so they can go much further in terms of use. In business terms, we address all brands wishing to benefit from a unique tool to target their audience. With Wicross brands can provide high added-value services, based on data collected by the connected objects.

Tell us a bit about the company’s founders like their professional or industry background and the origins of the founding idea.

WicrossWicross bases were the vision of Guillaume in April 2014. He quickly came up with initial prototypes for the app. Josué and Islam came on board shortly after and together they have transformed a great idea into a great product.
Guillaume drew on his previous entrepreneurial experience and as a finance graduate he sets the overall vision and strategy, recruits and retains the best talent, and makes sure there is always enough cash in the bank.

Josué is converting all brands to the future of IoT. After several years of commercial experience at Viadeo, Multiposting, and a consulting firm, he is the Wicross marketing man.

Islam is our CTO. As a market-driven innovation addict, he thinks up and builds the best technology ever.

Can you tell us a little bit about how your customers use your application – that is, if you have any information on this. In concrete terms: Which devices are most connected to your platform?

Wicross: For now, most devices are related to smart homes and connected health, like Withings/Nest or Fitbit devices. Thanks to Wicross, for example, smart wristbands are more efficient, connected home management is easier, and energy saving is effective!

See Wicross live on the CODE_n Stage on Thursday, 19.03.2015.