Attracting digital talents for your company: tips to win over top-tier innovators!

03/10/2017  |  Business Hacks, Corporate Innovation, Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is in full swing! If you want to keep pace, you should start looking for new talents to innovate your business. But keep in mind: digital talents are in great demand and so they can be very selective with their new employer, especially the top-tier innovators need certain incentives. We provide some tips for you on how to best attract these digital minds and win them for you in the competition for creative digital heads.

You don’t have to be a digital giant to attract top-tier talents. And you certainly don’t need an expensive office with the best view over the city either. Digital talents are really passionate about what they do, so office looks don’t really impress them. What they really want is the opportunity to do great things and make a real difference. That sounds like a flowery phrase to you? Well, the demand for their ideas and innovations is high since the digital transformation is unavoidable and digital talents bring creative, technical and business proficiencies, therefore your offer should be really exciting to win them over in the ‘talent war’. Our tips will help you to convince digital innovators enter your business:

Tips to attract digital talents:

#1: know what kind of talents you need

No matter what kind of digital business you’re running, one thing is clear: you want to be successful. And yes, for this you need very motivated and talented employees, who are also superb team players. Emerging trends like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, but most importantly the digitization of the manufacturing processes in all businesses, require not only IT-systems, but also digital strategists, project managers, leaders, etc., who can handle these challenges. So, what you really should be searching for are digital heads who not only have strong technical skills, but also master collective skills to build the level of the team.

#2: get rid of classical recruitment capabilities

The digital talents you want may not have a traditional résumé or even don’t take part in traditional recruitment systems. That’s why you should also go a different way! Use nontraditional platforms as well as specific events to find talents. Another important point is your recruitment team: apart from the traditional recruiters, are there also digital natives? If not, you should restructure your team right away!

#3: avoid bureaucracy and hierarchy

Digital talents have the urge to act out their innovational work. Therefore, as a company, you should give them the opportunity to operate as freely as possible and show them that you are willing to walk off the beaten track. If you are aiming for example for a cooperation with startups, communicating your objectives openly to each other is crucial. For innovators, having the chance to climb the social ladder based on their performance rather than on hierarchy rules it’s more motivating. This said, a business with very strong hierarchic structures and immovable intern processes where none of this is possible may not be that attractive to young, talented, digital heads. Or would you stay for long in a company that limits your career development?

#4: elevator pitch to be outstanding

An interview is not only about testing the candidate, it’s also about presenting your company with an elevator pitch as appealing as possible. But what makes your company interesting to the best talents? Money? Brand success? Not only! What your favorite candidates may really be attracted to is a valuable proposition. Make sure to communicate that you want to reinvent your brand for the digital age – with their help. Give them a mission that meets the reality and that you both can complete together and they will be more motivated than ever.

#5: offer a partnership

So what can a digital talent gain in your company? You need to offer them more than just a job, somewhere they can feel being a part of and where they see themselves accomplishing big deeds – offer them a partnership. Show your candidates that you care for their development and their career by sharing with them all they would learn and gain by working with you. This is what should distinguish you from other companies: the personal note. Just remember that it’s not all about the money or the brand.

Keep in mind that you are the one looking for digital talents to enter your business and therefore, you must provide these innovators with the chance to really make a digital impact on your business. Bringing new talented heads in your business, a network or a collaboration can be a good starting point. You’re still searching for the right way to get in contact with startups, talents and innovators? CODE_n gives you the opportunity to meet likeminded people with great ideas and shape the digital world of tomorrow.