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04/26/2017  |  Business Hacks, Corporate Innovation, Digital Transformation

Adopting the right approach to digital transformation creates new and exciting opportunities for companies and new ways to shape their own success. But every journey has challenges, especially at established corporations. Equally, even smaller initiatives like trying to promote more digital innovation or adopting new ways of thinking within an organization seem to create obstacles for corporations. Of course, companies have already unearthed a number of potential corporate innovation methods and have learned a lot. But the journey to become a digital pioneer not only involves managing the many different aspects of digital transformation, firms also need access to global networks – experts, experienced pioneers, people who know about tech-related topics, the broader challenges (e.g., engendering an effective culture of innovation), and specific innovation formats (e.g., startup co-creation models).

CODE_n has been a key player in the innovation scene for years and is now opening up its network and experience to established corporations and SMEs. Why? To help them to boost their innovation processes themselves; to allow them to become a digital pioneer under their own steam.

Initiated in 2011, CODE_n is a leading expert in exploring new territory and shaping all kinds of future trends, especially in the field of innovation and digital transformation. Our startup CONTEST regularly attracts a multitude of global tech startup applicants; currently with finalists from 85 countries. Our innovation campus, CODE_n SPACES, provides a foundation for cutting-edge entrepreneurs and innovation teams. This was also ideal for setting up one of Europe’s leading innovation gatherings, the new.New Festival, which was established in 2016. And that is just skimming the surface…

Become more involved in topics related to digital transformation; experience innovation for yourself and plunge into a world of exciting developments!

At CODE_n, we believe that established corporations need to deal with relevant topics around digital transformation directly – from potential collaboration models involving startups to fostering a culture of innovation within the organization, leveraging new technology across different sectors of industry, and even developing new business models. Tackling innovation from different angles allows larger companies to gather their own experience.

The CODE_n innovation hub is a global network consisting of digital experts, startups, lateral thinkers, experienced innovators, and leading corporations. This allows us to pull together the right people at the right time, boosting innovation projects in keeping with the company’s individual requirements. We believe strongly in allowing firms to adopt a self-determined and sustainable approach to digital pioneering, so we place emphasis on the methods that help them to help themselves, accelerating the existing and emerging business by providing targeted third-party support as they embark on a fascinating journey toward digital transformation.

With an experienced partner like CODE_n at your side, seizing each opportunity as it comes along becomes a new and highly feasible option. Allow us to introduce you to our brand new CODE_n Innovation Services!

Our brand new Corporate Innovation Services offer a variety of newly established formats that help leverage the innovation activities of established corporations. Each process can be tailored to your individual needs.

Corporate Innovation Services – the benefits in a nutshell

_Access a powerful network of digital experts, technology specialists, and innovation drivers

_Leverage customized, self-determined methods that boost your own innovation activities

_Work in an ideal innovation environment – at our CODE_n SPACES innovation campus

Some of the success stories

Interested in seeing how it works? We can point to a variety of exciting examples of how corporate partners have spearheaded innovation with and through CODE_n. Let’s start with a corporation out of the telecommunication sector: Working in close collaboration with one of their internal teams, we helped develop a highly impactful Startup Collaboration Program for the telecommunications expert. The method involved bi-weekly sparring sessions over the course of a month, tackling a variety of specific challenges to pull in expertise from the CODE_n network in a kind of matchmaking process involving dedicated third-party startups and a variety of digital experts.

Then there was the Hager Group, a leading supplier of electrical installation solutions and services. For Hager, we helped decision-makers create an individual innovation roadmap for managers, allowing the firm to foster innovation and think outside of box. The program was rounded off by workshops on the opportunities presented by collaborating with startups, how to match managers with startups, and a thought-provoking presentation from a technology expert.

Another example of our services: an innovation event organized for an automotive supplier, which used CODE_n SPACES for an internal kick-off event and departmental teambuilding exercises. During the event, the department unveiled its new strategy and demonstrated how to align processes. To help the team pull more in the same direction, they were given a variety of tasks to complete (such as a sparring session with startups and CODE_n experts), not forgetting a table soccer tournament, which not only provided fresh inspiration but also boosted team spirit.

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