Boost innovative thinking in your company: how your brain comes up with new ideas – and how you can train it!

11/29/2016  |  Business Hacks, Corporate Innovation, Entrepreneurship

What does every business need to be successful? Great ideas! And where do ideas come from? Your brain! Because your mind is capable of something unique: being creative. This ability is the root and the driving force of every startup or agile business. Today the innovative strength of companies is a major success factor – and therefore their employees or rather their creative brains are the most valuable assets. To improve this creative power let us go to the birthplace of innovation: how does the brain come up with new ideas and how can you train it to do so?


First things first! Before we learn to boost our creativity, we will dig into our gray matter and explore how our brain actually works. Henning Beck is an expert on how the mind uses information from the outside world, combines it and eventually comes up with new thoughts. His keynote at our CODE_n new.New Festival explains this process vividly:


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The good news is: creating ideas is a process that can be trained! Our brain is shapeable and can build new connections. Hence, it can learn new ways of thinking and scale up its creativity. But how? That is the question businesses and people searching for innovative solutions are working on. We have some suggestions for you:

Boost innovative thinking in your company – tip #1: have bad ideas!

Do you know that feeling when you try something for the first time and fail at it? And after that each time you try it gets better and better? The same thing is happening when you practice to create ideas! When you try creative thinking repeatedly you simply become better at it. Also, math is on your side: the more ideas you have, the more likely it will be that good ones will be among them. 😉

Boost innovative thinking in your company – tip #2: embrace new experiences!

To enable your brain to connect pieces of learned information you must feed it with just those. So, go out of your routine and treat your mind with some stimulation! Challenge your brain and make it build new neural connections. The more information you have saved up in your mind, the more possibilities you have for connections and new thoughts.

Boost innovative thinking in your company – tip #3: take a break!

We all heard of this phenomenon that the best ideas come up while taking a shower. Truth is: the conscious mind needs to be switched off from time to time to let the subconscious mind be heard. In the background, your subconsciousness has been working on your problem all along and now it can take the chance to tell you there is a solution. This is only possible when you are in a relaxed and free-flowing state of mind – for example, when taking a shower.

Another very fruitful tip for generating innovation is talking to other people about the problem and combining your thoughts looking for a new solution. Co-working spaces like CODE_n SPACES and networking platforms like CODE_n CONNECT are great places to do that! We hope you feel inspired and can boost your innovative strength with our tips.