Sometimes it has to be more. . . . . . and sometimes less.

A large plenary session is just as exciting a challenge as an intimate trialogue. It depends on what you have to discuss. We have the right room for every meeting format. All our rooms are flooded with daylight, furnished with comfortable or practical furniture and individually decorated with works of art by important contemporary artists.

Workshop Area

50m²  |   3-30 people

Our Workshop Area includes the library below.

Generous work desks and individual seating as well as the opportunity to withdraw in a silent box are essential for a successful workshop.

Particularly noteworthy though are the artistic atmosphere, the colour concept and a wide window front. For breaks, coffee maker and water dispenser as well as table soccer are available in the room.


40m²  |   2-20 Personen

The CODE_n library is the cosy core of the communicative networking approach at CODE_n and is part of the workshop area.

A huge book wall with encyclopaedias and literary works of all genres provides a dignified atmosphere and suggestions for content. The cozy seating area is ideal for relaxed discussions and focused exchange.

Good to combine with: Event Area (230 m2) / Team Offices / Breakout Rooms

Monkey Lounge

30m²  |   2-8 people

The Monkey Lounge – secluded in the jungle of the CODE_n SPACES – opens up an intimate hideaway for personal conversations, quiet working groups and ideation rounds or just to chill out.

The jungle feeling with monkey butler, sisal mats and lookout is countered by a simple work-stand table and modern workshop equipment.

Monkey Lounge


90m²  |   4-20 people

Individual suite of three contiguous areas that can be used in a variety of ways. It offers a workshop area, a British men’s club-style lounge and a separate office.

It is ideal for concentrated workshops and group work when working together is important for focusing and relaxing.

Artistically designed clocks divide time in an unconventional way, and with its Nespresso machine, a well-stocked fridge, writable walls and complete conference equipment, the Gallery becomes a small home: the CODE_n version of Home-Office.

The Box

20m²  |   1-4 people

The box is a small space for big ideas, functionally equipped with writable walls and projector, standing tables and bar stools. Nothing distracts from your own content. Ideal for stand-up meetings, concentrated work or as a retreat area – sometimes just for in-between.

Conference Room

65m²  |   10-30 Personen

The conference room on the highest floor of our building impresses with its classic business design – but above all with the breathtaking view from the two-sided window front.

Here you are literally at the top level – the atmosphere is structured, energetic, far-sighted; the furnishings are classic and of course with exquisite pieces of art on the wall opposite the windows. “Normal” conferences and trainings become a special event here.

The Cube

20m²  |   1-4 people

CUBE is the room for which the term “small but fine” is best suited at CODE_n: A small room for concentrated meetings and negotiations – ideal also as a retreat for making calls or participating in online meetings undisturbed.

Two large window fronts provide the best lighting – however, the overwhelming view over the roofs of the Business Park always distracts a little from the topic. . .

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