For Corporates

Become a Corporate Partner

Seize the opportunity and accelerate your innovation development projects. Gain inspiration, position yourself as a key partner for young companies and a leading player in the digital innovation scene. Open up to new ideas, make room for innovation, and become part of CODE_n.

As an established company, there are a variety of ways for you to become part of the CODE_n innovation ecosystem:

  • Corporate Membership
    Corporate membership is the perfect all-round package for you to link up with the CODE_n ecosystem. As one of our annual collaboration partners you are given full visibility within the startup scene for an entire year through access to CONNECT, SPACES, and EVENTS. This establishes a perfect foundation upon which to boost your innovation and accelerate the journey as you take on the challenges of digital transformation.
  • Innovation Services
    We offer individual services to give you unique ways to promote innovation. This involves our SPACES and EVENTS modules in keeping with your particular needs. This unique cooperation can evolve into your own special innovation project as part of a drive to inspire customers, co-workers, or senior management.
  • The SPACES Package
    The underlying concept behind our SPACES package is to offer the ideal setting to inspire your people and fuel innovation. Escape from conventional offices, make a break with routine patterns and use our SPACES rooms to foster innovative thinking. Our offering includes permanent or drop-in options.