When Going Global, Stay Humble

02/07/2013  |  News | Trends

Michelle Katics, CEO of BankersLab, gives humorous but practical advice on the cultural hiccups of taking a startup global.

  1. Learn to lunch: Katics says that lunch should be treated as a priority in countries like Thailand, India and China, where the lunch breaks are set up at different times.
  2. Back it up: Being technologically backed up is essential, since you will be in need of adaptors, USB devices and different SIM cards for each country.
  3. Start from square one: You will need to change and adjust your social etiquette according to the country; for example, personal privacy is not a big deal in all countries. Katics says that time is relative: something that takes 1 day in Hong Kong could take 1 week in India.

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