VC, Angel, Seed: Choose Your Investors Wisely

01/17/2013  |  News | Trends

Sarah Lacey, senior editor of TechCrunch, warns startups about choosing early stage funding and the potential problems of funding in Series A, B, and C. Lacey states that it is wiser to choose a big institutional VC over a seed or an angel investor since a startup is more likely to get follow-on funding for Series B and C from big VCs. She goes on to warn startups about the “in-between stage” where they can be bounced between different VCs, facing several rejections because VCs don’t want to jump in on the messy inside rounds. Lacy concludes by saying that it is easy to get an early stage funding from an angel or a seed investor, but what you need to fight for is real Series A funding from a VC.

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