The race is on! The CODE_n16 startup competition is now open for applications!

03/08/2016  |  CODE_n16 Startup CONTEST, new.New Festival, News | Trends

As the CODE_n16 CONTEST contest kicks off, we are once again seeking the world’s most innovative startups and ground-breaking business models. This year’s focus fields include FinTechs, Photonics, Mobility, and Health. Don’t miss your chance to become one of the 50 CODE_n CONTEST Finalists and benefit from free exhibition space during our CODE_n new.New Festival this fall. Not only will this be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet digital disruptors and outstanding entrepreneurial personalities, but the winner of the CODE_n16 Award – to be announced during a spectacular show – will receive prize money totaling €30,000. Interested? We have all the information you’ll need on the four CONTEST clusters and how to apply.

important dates 2Let’s start at the beginning. Your company was founded in 2011 or later? Perfect. With that you’ve already cleared the first hurdle. What we’re looking for are startups with ground-breaking new hardware or software solutions, IT applications, or IT-based business models that fit in with the overall contest theme: “unveiling digital disruption.” It’s not important that your innovation is already available on the market.
What’s mainly relevant is that your business model relates to one of the four focus topics of this year’s CONTEST: Applied FinTechs, Connected Mobility, Photonics 4.0 or HealthTech.

Applied FinTechs powered by GFT: from machine learning and robotics consulting to smart living through to Blockchain

Banking can seem like such a dry topic, but don’t be fooled: Financial solutions are based on new thinking, new technology, all put together in a clever way, which, in many cases, are a lot closer to the customer than you might think. Applied FinTechs, as we call these solutions, have been of particular interest to the CODE_n initiator and cluster representative GFT. The company recognized early on that fresh ideas from the outside make it much easier to stay at the forefront of technological (r)evolution.

Machine learning, robo advisory – there are many terms to describe how we automate financial tasks that were formerly in human hands. Maybe your startup knows how to become even better at this? Perhaps your business model is related to smart living and works to create a better customer journey, perhaps it’s were FinTech meets the Internet of Things, or perhaps you work with predictive analytics or the personalization and dedication of services. Or maybe you even have a business model based on blockchain technology. Any of these ideas are welcome in the Applied FinTechs cluster.

Connected Mobility powered by HPE: smart ecosystems for digitalization – from manufacturing to utilities and transportation

When thinking of Connected Mobility, a number of application scenarios come to mind: with aspiring ideas, buzz words like smart city or smart homes have become part of our everyday lives. And yet, there is still so much potential to make our lives easier and more connected. Our new partner and cluster representative Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has come up with a global IoT program, featuring markets such as manufacturing, automotive, logistics and transportation, as well as utilities. However, as a big company with more than 250,000 employees, it’s not always easy to be as flexible as a startup. Knowing that innovation is key, they have found a solution for this – they’re more than open to building strong partnerships, underpinned by collaboration and support: developing new innovative technologies – together.

Consistent with the global HPE IoT program, the Connected Mobility cluster focuses on smart ecosystems. This includes everything from smart cities to smart travel solutions and IoT sensor systems. This can go as deep as manufacturing, utilities, and even transportation. Your application for this cluster is in good hands if your startup knows how IoT can meet needs, if you fit right into the smart ecosystem for digitalization.

Photonics 4.0 powered by TRUMPF: from lasers, lights, and displays to augmented reality and wearables

It’s no exaggeration to say that light has been fascinating humankind since the dawn of history. In this day and age, light has the potential to transform our work and social lives; it enables new applications in our industry, society, and environment through ground-breaking technology. This is what we call Photonics 4.0. Our partner TRUMPF will be presenting this cluster and has far-reaching plans in the area of Industry 4.0. Instead of leaving the smart factory to others, TRUMPF plans to take production connectivity into its own hands. What better way to do this than by collaborating with innovative startups to create even better, more fascinating ideas?

From connected production technologies, such as machine manufacturing or car production to enabling photonics technologies and light-assisted 3D printing technologies or advanced laser technologies – from optical sensors and optical technologies with dual use in industry and society: the realm of possibility for Photonics 4.0 seems endless. You know that you belong to this cluster if you help raise productivity and flexibility in industrial environments, making these smart and connected. In short: if your business model helps provide a deeper understanding of the world around us – all through the power of light.

HealthTech: from life sciences to diagnostics and medical devices; from data management to operational excellence

As in traditional industries, the health care sector is one of the largest markets affected by digital transformation. The way established institutions operate has to change dramatically – for them as well as for patients. Something we witnessed during our last CODE_n CONTESTs and at many conferences is that there are some amazing ideas out there and these could help pave the way for this upcoming change.

Whether it’s price squeezes or the increasing demand for product innovation: established institutions already struggle with many challenges and these make things all the more difficult for new players entering the field. Yet sophisticated, available, and affordable products, services, and even technologies will clear the path. This concerns all Health and MedTech sectors. We especially invite startups to enter our competition if they have business models related to health care integration, the life sciences, diagnostics, prognosis and treatment methods, medical devices, electronic products, data management, data processing and storage, data security, robotics, prosthetics, biotech, or operational excellence.

By the way, although we’re already closely connected to a number potential sponsors for this cluster, it’s still open to sponsors – not just to startup applicants – but also to established companies. Contact us if you’re interested in taking on sponsorship!

Calling all startups to become part of digital disruption: Apply now!

Have you recognized your business model in one of our four clusters? Do you want to be part of the newest of the new out there? Then don’t miss your chance to present your business model as one of the world’s best! Seize the opportunity to go for the grand prize. Register and submit your application via CODE_n CONNECT now.

A jury of renowned experts will evaluate all submissions in terms of technology, the business case, the degree of innovation, and the quality of your presentation. We, the CODE_n Team as well as our festival partners Accenture, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and TRUMPF are more than excited to hear from you and we can promise you this: it will be worth it!

What’s in it for you:

  • €30,000 prize money for the winner of the CODE_n16 Award
  • Free exhibition space at the CODE_n new.New Festival over the course of 3 days
  • Access to new customers, partners, and investors – plus extensive media coverage.

For more information or any additional questions you might have please contact me via