The Digital Dollar Identifies Strategies for Online Success

10/10/2012  |  News | Trends

A new book from tech guru Joe Wozny gives start-ups and innovators actionable ideas that can help increase their odds of success. “Pivoting” is a well-known tactic, but sometimes it helps to be reminded of the basics:

• Understand what’s in a name on the Internet. In the online world, you need a solid connection between your domain name and your product, brand, or business. In addition, you must reserve consistent names in key online channels like Twitter, Facebook, and others. Failure can stall business strategies, and bring digital momentum to a halt.

• Content is king of the road. Having a web site is necessary, but not sufficient. The site must have more and better content (information presented) than your competitor. Digital content includes text, graphics, sound, and video, with presentation style, currency, and appeal. The best content gets attention and keeps momentum growing.

For more ideas from the book, check out this helpful summary from Forbes’ Martin Zwilling.