Shared spaces for corporations: 4 tips on gaining sustainable advantages from offsite work areas

09/21/2017  |  SPACES and Residents

Shared office spaces are for startups and freelancers? Yes. But. They are also the perfect place for corporations to ignite their innovation process. Here, companies and experienced entrepreneurs find the flexibility some established business structures might lack: Want to mingle with young companies or just benefit from an inspiring surrounding? Need an offsite location that fosters creativity or simply a chance to leave your comfort zone? It’s all possible. And there is more! If you use offsite work areas right, you can gain sustainable advantages for your company.

Especially for digital businesses it’s essential to stay up to date, build a strong network and be in the front row of technological development. That is why we created the CODE_n SPACES particularly for corporations, startups and entrepreneurs in the field of digitalization. Why it is significant and how it differs from regular co-working places you can read in the interview with Tobias Rehberger, designer of the CODE_n SPACES.

But let’s get straight to the point: How can your company benefit from using shared offsite offices? With these 4 tips, your corporation can make the most out of working in shared spaces.

4 tips how corporations benefit from offsite work areas

Tip #1: dive into the world of startups

Collectively used office spaces like ours catapult you into a world of digital pioneers and boundless thinking. Without the shackles of rigid corporate structures your team can dive into the startup environment – and likely arise with innovational spirit and forward-thinking ideas.

By saving a short- or long-term spot in an offsite work area, your corporation’s innovation team can benefit from the exchange with promising startups. This creates a culture of thinking outside of the box and space for creative unconventional solutions. Who knows, maybe the sparking idea to secure the future of your company will be born here?

Shared spaces can encourage cooperation and idea exchange between like-minded individuals. For your team, this gives the unique opportunity to network with the digital avant-garde. Rubbing shoulders with digital startups, other companies and executives puts you in the first row for the newest technologies and business solutions. This will give you plenty of inspiration and broaden the horizon for the development of your own groundbreaking innovations.

Tip #2: adaptable office composition

Wishing for some freedom and spontaneity in your office? No problem when located in the CODE_n SPACES. Movable cardboard walls enable residents to go wild when it comes to their personal office area. There are no limits to your creativity, no matter whether we are talking about the room layout or the actual interior design. Feel free to give your artistic skills a go when painting your cardboard room divider!

Additional and space-individual features top off an all-embracing independence. Often, a fully equipped kitchen with individual refrigerator solutions and a lounge area complete the picture.

Tip #3: network effortlessly and get inspired on events

Yes, co-working spaces are famous for their socializing opportunities. Having a coffee or beer together or organizing a table football tournament can be an important part of a creative working environment in contributing to a strong team and open-minded thinking.

In CODE_n SPACES we take this to the next level. You can attend to regular meetups to casually strengthen network ties, hear about latest progressions, get feedback to your project or find collaboration partners. Same goes for our special events – with the difference that here we open our doors to the business world and exchange knowledge on trending topics. This is the place for exciting input, interaction and inspiration.

In addition to that, there’s a chance to organize your own, personal events to entirely fulfill your own wishes and needs. Ever wanted to challenge your event management skills? Now it’s your turn!

Tip #4: harness the flexibility

Flexibility should always be written with a capital letter. For your corporation that means you have great freedom in how you want to make use of the shared spaces. It starts with flexible renting opportunities: anything from long-term rentals to drop-in options is possible. Why not use the inspiring environment for your next workshop for example? You can organize working sessions along with startups and digital pioneers or just for you and your team.

By the way: Did you know that workshops can lead to an extra galvanize-effect which also guest-residents can benefit from? “Think outside the box” – a motto actively embraced by spaces. Short-time rentals also give you the opportunity to try and test offsite working without any risk of long-term commitment.

If these 4 tips on how your corporation benefits from shared offsite spaces made you curious, apply now as a corporation or entrepreneur for CODE_n SPACES!

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