Pros and cons of promising tech startup hubs worldwide: Europe vs. US – what’s the best choice to start a business?

03/31/2017  |  Entrepreneurship, News | Trends, Startups

Long gone are the days when entrepreneurs would start their business right in their hometown. Nowadays, the financial, social and digital advantages that each city can offer to startups have become a lot more important. Since founders often have the agony of choice when searching for a suitable place, we like to take a closer look at cities with promising startup hubs worldwide in a regular basis to determine their pros and cons.

But before you even start thinking of the city of your dreams, you should first consider which market is more suitable for your business and goals. That’s why today we are tackling the potentials of Europe and the US! Later on we will examine the benefits and weaknesses of specific cities in these hubs like we have done with Helsinki and Dublin. So, what do we already know? Compared to Europe, the American ‘hire and fire’-policy offers you more external flexibility, which can be fitting in the rapidly developing environment of a startup. There are others, though, that can really influence your decision of where to start a business. In this infographic, we summarize the main differences for you:

As you can see, there is not just one ideal location to start your business. Neither Europe nor the United States are infallible places, but both have much to offer. To find the perfect location, you have to evaluate what’s important to you and your audience and what goals you want to achieve. But we would like to give you a hint: you’re able to profit from the benefits of both continents through collaboration! With the economic position of Europe and the optimistic mentality of the US, great things can be possible! And if you are looking for likeminded people, someone to exchange your point of view or experiences about the respective regions with, then join the CODE_n ecosystem!