This is the Must-Have App you truly need: the unique new.New Festival App!

09/15/2016  |  CODE_n16 Startup CONTEST, Entrepreneurship, EVENTS

Walking around with information brochures is so 2015. And browsing a website on your smartphone can be annoying, too. But at new.New Festival you should feel totally comfortable and well informed. That’s why we got you covered with the new.New Festival App! Here you have everything easily at hand: from a map with all locations to information about the speakers, it’s all there. And yes, you can download it for free! So believe us, you will want this App to fully enjoy your visit at the new.New Festival. Are you curious? Then let’s talk about the features and benefits of the new.New Festival App! Oh, but if you cannot wait any longer, you can also get the free new.New Festival App here.


So what are the highlights of the new new.New Festival App? First of all, it is comfortable for you to have all information and news gathered in one place. But the best part is that you can personalize this information! Just login via Facebook and create your personal schedule with those events that are appealing to you. This way you can see them at a glance and won’t miss your favorite program items. Considering the whole list of great and different events at new.New Festival, this is a game changer!

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You can’t decide which events you want to attend? The new.New Festival App also provides you with helpful input. You get a clear description about all speakers, their keynote topic and working field. Furthermore, you get handy information about the exhibitors. Especially for an overview and Who’s Who of all the new startups, this is pretty valuable. Of course you also get support with the organizational aspects: ticketing, description of the locations and a map are included in the App as well. See? There are so many benefits and helpful features that we can’t help but saying: you need this App! Do you think so as well? Then download it for free for IOS or for Android and have fun! And if you don’t have it yet, get your ticket for the new.New Festival now!