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11/13/2014  |  Partner

Success begins with a great founding team.

Founders are the literary “foundation” of a start-up, decisions about with whom you want to build your company are THE major factors of success. Great teams can make a bad idea fly, but not the other way around.

Mitgründer-LogoYour co-founders’ qualities, expertise and flexibility are responsible for the actions your start-up team can and will take and therefore determine your start-ups future path. Decisions like: “How do we do it?”, “When will we do it?” and “Will we do it at all?” are a matter of consensus in your team.

So choosing your co-founders carefully and wisely is very important. Experienced founders invest time in building great and complementary teams, sometimes even before they decide about which business idea to follow.

At mitgrü our users have the possibility to get in touch with thousands of potential co-founders and they search in hundreds of cofounder ads for their complement (You!) for great founding teams.

This raises the question, how to find and build a great team. One typically starts with his own network and extends this by networking at start-up events. In contrast to meeting people randomly or relying on one’s growing but maybe still small personal network, Mitgrü allows you to screen, filter and contact interesting and relevant people right through our platform. Once you found a potential cofounder you can meet in person at a start-up event or for a coffee. As a result there’s much more time to get to know each other, check the personal fit and develop a shared vision.

Mitgründer Team

We believe that the internet provides a way to quickly get in touch with a small qualified number of potential co-founders out of a huge amount of entrepreneurial minds and therefore contribute to the formation of founding teams that are the motor of innovation in our society.

Mitgrü boosts the entrepreneurial spirit by bringing founders together that share one vision. And our team is working hard on improving the platform to help even more business ideas become reality.

Join us now and build your successful founding team!