Meet CODE_n finalist Precifica

01/31/2014  |  Startups

Ricardo Ramos is co-founder and CEO of Precifica (Brazil)

Ricardo Ramos is co-founder and CEO of Precifica (Brazil)

Precifica is one of three Brazilian startups that will be attending CeBIT in March as top 50 CODE_n finalists. The company, founded by Ricardo Ramos and Walter Sabini Junior, offers an intelligent price monitoring system that uses big data to help e-commerce companies increase their site conversion and preserve their net margin at the same time. On the market since 2012, Precifica already has 50 clients and achieved revenues of approximately $500,000 last year.

In today’s interview, Ricardo Ramos tells us a bit more about the concept of Precifica and the company’s expectations for CODE_n.

What sets Precifica apart from the competition?

While our competitors focus on pricing monitoring we focus on dynamic pricing which starts from the pricing monitoring context.

Precifica is already integrated to the most used e-commerce platforms and ERP (enterprise resource planning) applications. From that, we can change product prices in real time, increasing net margin and conversion rate.

What does the situation look like for startups in Brazil today? Are there government incentives?

It is a brand new market and is growing fast, though the number of angel investors is still too low. The government has some projects to help startups such as Finep.

The most important factor is the improvment of the investors and enterprenur’s maturity.

What are your expectations for CODE_n and the future of Precifica?

It will be a huge opportunity for networking with entrepreneurs from different markets. This year we are working hard to create algorithms that will be able to predict prices and trends. Furthermore, we want to introduce this new technology into the retail and manufactory business, since we can’t think about the future without thinking about dynamic pricing.