Meet CODE_n finalist Intelie

03/24/2014  |  CODE_n14 Startup CONTEST, Entrepreneurship, Interview

Intelie uses advanced trend analysis and information correlation technologies to help businesses achieve their strategic goals by avoiding possible mistakes. The Brazilian startup created Intelie Live, a platform that can process large amounts of data in real time and correlate them to create business scenarios.

Ricardo Clemente is the founder of Intelie

Ricardo Clemente is the founder of Intelie

In today’s interview Ricardo Clemente, founder of Intelie, talks about their big data solutions, the startup landscape in Brazil and, of course, their impressions about participating at CODE_n and CeBIT this year!

What differentiates Intelie from its competitors?

We have two main differentiators. The first one is related to the technology perspective. Our platform is able to analyze huge amounts of data in real time with low consumption of memory and infrastructure. Therefore, the company is able to perform correlated analysis and get information in real time by using our distributed correlation engine (PIPES). The second differentiator is on the business side. We have developed several segmented solutions per target industry. Thus, we build indicators, alerts, and visualizations for a certain industry, such as e-commerce, retail, oil and gas, insurance, telcos, finance companies, etc.

How can big data change the way companies work today?

Our solution improves the way that people work. The current data analysis culture is based on historical data only, using BI and Analytics tools. We would like to speed up this way of thinking. With our solution, managers make the most of their huge amounts of data and become proactive. They can immediately identify failures or business opportunities and act on them. Managers cannot rely only on daily or even weekly reports. For example, if I am working in e-commerce, I should be immediately informed if my conversion rate is too low or if many payments were blocked during fraud analysis. These blocks may be incorrect and I might be losing money. We have examples for all industries I just mentioned. Our job is to educate the market and show the importance of faster thinking and operational intelligence.

What does the situation look like for startups in Brazil today? Are there government or private incentives?

Entrepreneurship is a very hot topic in Brazil. We have a very big analytics market that can be explored. We have a very positive scenario for innovation and technology as well. On the other hand, we deal with a very competitive market with great players and there is a culture of contracting a supplier based on brand power only. This kind of brand power takes a long time to come true.

The government invests money into technology and we have participated in a few programs regarding public investment. In Brazil, we face huge taxes and some bureaucracy that make the entrepreneur life more difficult. We do believe that Brazil has a big market to explore and that the difficulties can be overcome. This market is our focus for the short and medium term.

How can CODE_n affect the future of Intelie?

Through CODE_n we will be able to reach more people and get greater credibility among our Brazilian leads. Besides that, we can present our solution to the world. We hope to gain a new foreign customer or partner. Networking is great and we get to know some of the most advanced data analysis techniques. The event is a very well organized and we are very proud of being among the finalists.