Guest feature | The state of Health Technology in Six Visuals

08/26/2016  |  CODE_n16 Startup CONTEST

Albeit most technological advancements are yet to be integrated into real world applications, uptake in the healthcare segment has been quite impressive. Newer techniques of detecting pathogens, treating diseases and preventing infections have been invented, tested and applied, and the WHO organization has a five-year increase in the global life expectancy over the past fifteen years to show for it.

The institution of smartphones close to a decade ago, evolution of health apps as a result and discovery of health-tracking devices over the last five years have been at the centre of this feat, and a projected progression in the foreseeable future may even upstage the milestone.

Perhaps the most stirring characteristic of the current state of health technology is how it has been structured to chime in perfectly with modern lifestyle and pursuits. In such a busy world, nobody would choose the stopwatch-and-calculator option when a fitness tracker can record, store and display the amount of calories burnt over a morning jog. Quick, unmonitored and effective is what the 21st century calls for and that’s what science is providing.


Find more insight on the topic with our good friends at who have drafted the inclusive infographic breaking down the sophisticated healthcare technology into just six major visuals.

The Infographic is based on data and analysis from Venture Scanner, an analyst and technology powered startup research firm. To access the full dataset, visit:

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