Carolina from twago: "As a startup, being ready to share the spirit with all visitors is the most important thing."

02/14/2013  |  News | Trends

Carolina Lopez - CODE_n12 finalists twago

Carolina Lopez – CODE_n12 finalists twago

Some days ago we talked to Carolina from twago, a CODE_n12 finalist. She’s working at twago for the Spanish  market. We were curious which tips and tricks she could share with you to get the best out of the time at CeBIT.

2012, we were one of the top ten finalists of the Code_n contest for Innovative Digital Business Models. Participating in the CODE_n Contest was something great for twago in 2012. It is incredible to be surrounded by other similar companies and startups in the heart of the IT Hall and enjoying its atmosphere. It is crucial to be well prepared for this. As a startup, being ready to share the spirit with all visitors is the most important thing. It is also essential being able to show what the main idea is and why the company is innovative. All companies must use their imagination and tools to display their idea at the CEBIT in order to make an impact on the visitors.

Within two years, we made it to the number one for cloud working in Europe. As a Berlin based start-up we acquire jobs and projects from companies as well as small and medium-sized clients. With this, twago can offer freelancers and agencies global opportunities to work on projects with maximum flexibility – online, every time and everywhere. Furthermore, twago was recently honored by Patrick de Laive, co-founder of The Next Web, with the Award for the Best Web app in Germany in 2013.

For us: Signs point to growth! twago´s unique success story has been created by the diversity of the people. As a team, we are proud to have cultures from the USA, Mexico, Turkey, Romania, Spain, Italy, France and Germany in one international think tank. The twago diversity concept has even been awarded by McKinsey, Henkel and Wirtschaftswoche with the “Deutscher Diversity Preis”.

twago shapes tomorrow´s world of working and brings it to the next level! But we are not only changing the way we work – we are changing as a company itself. The startup increased its number of employees from 30 to 60 within one year. We are in the heart of the Berlin start-up scene among a large and fast-growing pool of start-uppers and technology experts. Berlin offers the perfect environment for growing new innovative companies like us.

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