GUEST FEATURE AXON Ivy: KLARA - the disruptive business model that will simplify SMEs

07/27/2018  |  new.New Festival, News | Trends, Partner

The digital transformation is often viewed by SMEs as a cost and resource-intensive project, and linked to questions like: where does it start? What does “disruptive” actually mean? Do I have to redefine my entire existing business model? Which investments are suitable for me?

The good news for all SMEs is that, as a rule, the digital transformation always takes place in partial steps. For SMEs, it makes sense to focus on solutions that efficiently and safely automate and standardize specific processes with a disruptive approach. As a result, SMEs can progressively drive digital transformation in their business, massively reducing costs while increasing their productivity. KLARA, a revolutionary digital assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, is exactly such a solution. A sister company of AXON Ivy, KLARA is the ecological system of all administrative processes in SMEs. The digital assistant reduces the office work and creates more time for the core business.

If new players appear in a market, they are often ignored by established companies. However, if these players have a disruptive business model, they gain more and more market share until they vigorously shake up an established market or completely displace existing solutions. They succeed in doing so because disruptive business models solve existing problems more easily, through increased accessibility and in a massively more cost-effective way. This requires the courage not to follow outdated industry laws. The solutions are developed directly from the customer’s point of view and optimally use the possibilities of digital transformation.

KLARA as a disruptive business model

Successful startups, such as KLARA, consistently use the possibilities of technical networking and use them for their innovative, new business model. KLARA has created a “business moment”: a customer touchpoint that makes disruptive changes possible.

The KLARA digital assistant is anything but another simple payroll or accounting software.

Rather, it is a free, digitalized cloud solution that fits perfectly in the Swiss SME market. In doing so, specific SME business processes are digitalized end-to-end. Paperwork is a thing of the past. KLARA thinks and takes care of SME wages, accounting, offers, marketing and selling. The entire potential of the digital transformation is exploited by digitalizing and automating all documents, information flows, processes as well as interfaces to authorities and external parties. Another important plus point of the solution is that the data transfer takes place under the highest security standards (swissdec certified) at the touch of a button. The solution is free of charge for the SME, as it works according to the “beneficiary pays” principle. The external party that benefits from the information pays accordingly. As a digital assistant, KLARA is just the right fit. Axon Ivy is currently evaluating other countries where the digital assistant could be implemented.

Implementation occurs via the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform. This allows the startup to launch a marketable product within a very short development time. AXON Ivy’s platform offers companies all the tools in a modular system to enable their digitalization strategies to be agile, quick and cost-effective.

The digital transformation offers companies the opportunity to develop a new disruptive business model for future success. Recognized by Gartner Inc. on the Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites as “visionary”, the award-winning Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform is not just the right piece of technology, but also a decisive quick start into the age of digitalization.

Furthermore, AXON Ivy helps all organizations, irrespective of their branch, to digitally transform their businesses. AXON Ivy’s platforms provide valuable assistance and can be easily integrated into companies’ business processes and systems.

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