Guest feature | 15 Reasons to Choose Karlsruhe

08/22/2016  |  new.New Festival, Partner

What many people associate with Karlsruhe are the Federal Court of Justice, the Federal Constitutional Court as well as the city’s soccer team, the Karlsruher SC. Being a young and innovative city, Karlsruhe has so much more to offer to its inhabitants and visitors, though. Check out the following 15 reasons (there are many more, of course) why Karlsruhe is the perfect location to visit or settle down:

1. Karlsruhe offers 3,240 square kilometres of space for ideas.

Karlsruhe is one of Europe’s most prosperous technological centres. And if you happen to have a good idea yourself, more than 10 advisory centres for startups can help you transform your idea into a viable business with a sustainable future.

22. We prove every day how well this actually works.

Karlsruhe is Baden-Württemberg’s strongest economic region and ranks among the top ten economic centres on a national basis. And that is of course great for the people of Karlsruhe, too, because at 4.7 %, the unemployment rate is among the lowest in Germany.

Illustration Bundesverfassungsgericht3. What makes Karlsruhe a “secret capital”?

Everyone in Germany knows that Karlsruhe is home to the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Court of Justice. But how many people realise that there are other key national institutions here, such as the Max Rubner Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food, or the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute?

4. So you like swimming?

Then why not take a dip in one of Karlsruhe’s twelve indoor or outdoor swimming pools, or one of more than 20 recreational lakes in the region? Or do you prefer to keep your feet firmly on dry land when it comes to sport? Then you could take advantage of our excellent network of cycle tracks or simply go jogging. No less than 60 % of the city area is green and the Hardt Forest begins just beyond the market square.

5. The fan-shaped layout of the “Fächerstadt” makes for a beautiful cityscape.

And you will need a fan yourself, because Karlsruhe enjoys warm, Mediterranean-like summers! With 1691 hours of sunshine, it is the fifth sunniest city in Germany. The balmy summer evenings will tempt you to linger at one of the many restaurants, cafés or bars that give the city its southern flair.

6. The people of Karlsruhe are cosmopolitan

As early as 30 years ago, it was people in Karlsruhe who exchanged the first e-mails between Germany and the USA. Thanks to the excellent interplay of education, science, research and technologies of the future, Karlsruhe has always had a certain status as a centre of innovation. Which is of course one thing that is attracting so many young people under the age of 30 to come and live here.

7. 300 years of tolerance and joie de vivre

For 300 years now, Karlsruhe has been a city that has opened its arms to people from all sorts of different places, to innovative new ideas, and to a varied, young art scene. And that makes it something of a magnet. Well over half of the citizens of Karlsruhe are not Karlsruhe born and bred, but people who have made Karlsruhe their home.

8. So you are planning to start a family, or you have one already?

According to a nationwide survey, Karlsruhe is fifth on the list of most attractive places for families to live. Not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of quality, the range of schools and child-care facilities on offer is among the best in Germany.

99. For the people of Karlsruhe, exercise is no problem

This is shown by the first German “Atlas for the Active”, which investigated how easy it is to be active in 28 German cities. The questions asked were: Can I easily get from A to B, even on foot or by bike? How well-maintained are pavements, cycle tracks, parks? Or how attractive and safe is my district, and how far is it to local facilities? And the winner? Karlsruhe, of course

10. Karlsruhe attracts clever minds

Maybe it has something to do with the unique Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the eight other universities and colleges of higher education or with the renowned research facilities such as the Frauenhof Institutes or the Max Rubner Institute? The fact is: clever people come to Karlsruhe.

11. Karlsruhe attaches great importance to environmentally friendly transport.

More than 230 train and bus links offer fast connections both within the city and to destinations in the surrounding region. According to the German cycling association’s “cycling climate test”, Karlsruhe is Germany’s second most bicycle-friendly city! But what if you are planning a more elaborate excursion or a big shopping trip? Well, when it comes to Car Sharing, too, we have been ahead of the field for a long time.

12. So you are a bit of a culture vulture?

Over 130 different cultural venues and events await you. Among them are the unique ZKM | Center for Art and Media, the Badisches Staatstheater, or annual events such as the art Karlsruhe, one of Europe’s leading art trade fairs. Why not come and allow yourself to be inspired?

13. Joie de vivre? Enjoyment? Good food, good wine?

Baden is famous for its excellent cuisine. There are an above average number of star restaurants in and around Karlsruhe. Or is your style more down-to-earth? Then why not enjoy the regional specialities available in Baden, the Black Forest, or the Pfalz or Elsass regions? They are not far from Karlsruhe and always worth the trip!

14. And there’s a festival to look forward to, too.

Every year in July, an average of 250,000 locals and visitors gather on the hill in the Günther Klotz park for three days to listen to music at its finest and to party. Come and join them!

15. And if you feel like the need for a change?

Karlsruhe is centrally placed. And easy to reach. In three hours, a TGV will get you to Paris. Or Munich. You can reach Karlsruhe Airport in 30 minutes, and Frankfurt Airport in just an hour. And from there you can of course get much further if you like.