Digital transformation is changing our working life – Get prepared for these 3 trends!

07/12/2016  |  Entrepreneurship, Startups

Digital transformation is currently hitting our working and everyday life with great revolutionary power. It rolls over all industries and challenges companies of all kinds and sizes – from now on nothing will ever be the same. Digital transformation is also the main topic of this year’s new.New Festival, where we will explore innovative solutions of digital pioneers. But let`s start at the very beginning and see what the digital transformation looks like: how can it change our daily work? We have identified 3 trends of digital transformation in your working life.


Digital transformation in working life – trend #1: Living services

We are surrounded by intelligent systems that perform and assist us with our daily tasks. Those living services, as pictured by accenture, are wrapping around us, adapting to our needs and – most importantly – they are also capable of learning. Living services play a growing role in our daily work: they can coordinate travel arrangements, give decision-making advice, suggest learning and reading recommendations or support daily workload management. Just imagine how much time you could save every day by assigning tasks such as coordination, research or data analysis to the respective living services!

Digital transformation in working life – trend #2: Communicative technology

New technologies enable people from all over the world to communicate easily with one another: As many as 79% of employees all over the world now work in virtual teams. This means we are more connected and tightly knotted than ever before. But there is more to it! A new partner has joined in the conversation: The machine itself. Thanks to the Internet of Things machines can communicate with each other and also with employees. The Industry 4.0 brings great potential and opportunities for all businesses. Which ones? See here for prior discussion and examples on our blog.


Digital transformation in working life – trend #3: Market circulation

With digital transformation impacting all industries there is a huge demand for innovation and change in companies. The race toward digitalization has begun – fueled by increasing cost pressures, leaner value chains, blurry industry boundaries and even by new upcoming industries. In this global competition only the most adaptable and proactive businesses can survive. The ambitious chase for innovation can also be appreciated in the increasing money flow that is being invested: In Europe the investment for R&D made 2.03% of GDP in 2014, approximately 0.8% more than in 2002 – and this path even leads to a prognosis of 3% of GDP in 2020! This shows that having the right idea at the right time might be a total game changer for businesses. Now is the best time for startups to disrupt the market and win the race with their innovative drive!

We can already see the great impact of digital transformation today – but in the future it will change our working life in ways we can’t even imagine yet. All we know is that innovative startups and proactive corporations will be the drivers and the winners of this digital transformation. Would you like to be one of these digital pioneers? Come to the new.New Festival in Karlsruhe from September 20th – 22nd and get to know your companions!