CODE_n13 Jury: Interview with Murat Günak

02/15/2013  |  Interview

Murat Günak is one of the most famous automobile designers in Germany. He has previously worked as a top designer for renowned automobile manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Mercedes and Peugeot.

Since 2012 Murat Günak belongs to the management team of mia eletcrics. His idea was to develop a completely new electric car which would not be measured against conventional standards but which would set new benchmarks and create fresh awareness for modern mobility. Under his management, the mia evolved from an idea to the finished product.

Murat Günak - CODE_n13 Juror

Murat Günak – CODE_n13 Juror

Janina Benz: Thanks to your experience in the automotive industry, you know the importance of branding. What branding strategies should a cleantech startup keep in mind?

Murat Günak: The branding should be simple to understand in image and words. It also should address to the humans who shall use, not to the experts who shall admire.

JB: What criteria will help you determine the most promising startup from our 50 CODE_n finalists?

MG: A simple idea that has been realized and could be adapted. A function, possible to install without big investment or expenses for the user but with the chance to do an important impact for a better planet, simply by the multiplication through the use of scale.

JB: What do you think are the biggest barriers to transitioning to renewable energy?

MG: If it is a complicated system it enters into the boundaries interests of big companies, politics and regulations.

JB: How do you live an energy-efficient life?

MG: As much as I can, I reduce travels, do not waste water and foot and drive my electric car mia.

JB: What innovation (in energy or other sectors) do you think will have the greatest impact on society in the next ten years?

MG: I am a believer of the solutions that start by the use of each of us and therefore enables through a “natural” use, a huge scale effect. Change of conscience in mobility, in the use of water and foot are the fields of need.

JB: Out of all cleantech sectors (renewable energies, e-mobility, smart grid, etc.), which do you think will see the most developments in the next five years?

MG: Personal to be used and therefore directly influencing items creating a scale effect.

JB: How has the ‘average’ Cleantech consumer changed over the last decade?

MG: He has become more conscience about his personal behaviour not to waist resources of our planet.