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01/25/2019  |  Entrepreneurship, SPACES and Residents, Startups

The innovation campus in Stuttgart brings the overall CODE_n concept from paper to reality, from the digital world right to your doorstep: here, 2,000 square meters with 26 offices, cozy lounges and flexible workshop areas, provide a creative platform for people who challenge the status quo and envision the future of their industries. The SPACES meet the demands of both corporates and startups, their growing or shifting teams and their need for networking opportunities. Briefly speaking: it’s set out to be disruptive, functional and flexible.

What are the CODE_n SPACES?

In a nutshell, a space for enterprising digital pioneers, a campus environment hosting the right mixture of people, companies, projects and ideas. Whether as a permanent resident or as a short-term guest in one of our workshop or event locations, it’s all about creating a culture of thinking outside of the box and a space for creative, unconventional solutions and exciting input.

The SPACES are an all-year-round, physical platform that networks promising startups, established companies and even investors. This platform is for people with unusual ideas – lateral thinkers, digital pioneers, designers of the future. And since creativity boosts need the right surroundings, the SPACES with its relaxing lounge, a fully equipped communal area and modern workshop rooms offer just that: a creative, non-corporate surrounding with access to other teams, liberating from the traditional company structures, allowing space and encouraging you to think differently and freely.

Ulrich Dietz, initiator of CODE_n, said: “The SPACES combine the concept of creative design thinking premises with the idea of co-working and a professional working environment at the same time.”

Fresh and new ideas are what shape our future. The CODE_n SPACES are a place to collaborate and find the new.

CODE_n SPACES residents – a growing community

Dialogue and exchange are key elements at CODE_n SPACES, which offer more than just unconventional offices. Startups, established companies, as well as young and experienced managers are all working under the same roof. This means that every door is open, literally, to the exchange of ideas. Whether you’ve just founded a tech startup or you live and breathe open innovation and want to broaden your horizon outside of your typical corporate office, becoming a long-term resident at CODE_n SPACES is an opportunity to harness the collective strengths of a growing community. You’ll benefit from an entire ecosystem: industrial partners, potential investors, mentors, universities and other startups, in other words the CODE_n network.

Exclusive access to extensive resources, a helping hand and a shoulder to rub with are factors that are given at any time. Where else would you find networking opportunities and valuable know-how so easily? Moving in might just mean a springboard for further creative and challenging activities, or perhaps even the inspiration to think of something completely new.

We have a dozen startups and executives driving innovation at CODE_n SPACES, in sectors like health tech, big data, digital communication, mobile electric power and Industry 4.0. There is also a corporate innovation team, Lab1886, the innovation incubator of Daimler, who have made CODE_n SPACES their home. It is this diverse network that differentiates CODE_n SPACES from a traditional office. Our residents have an extensive pool of knowledge and expertise, which they share amongst each other, thus bringing an added-value to the CODE_n community.

Who are the CODE_n Residents?

Host your event at CODE_n SPACES

Designed to give you plenty of inspiration, CODE_n SPACES have everything you and your team might need to carry out a workshop, a conference or networking event. For the past three years, CODE_n SPACES have brought together diverse teams, ranging from corporate professionals working on innovation and digital transformation topics, design thinkers, and industry experts to students and entrepreneurs. Choose one of our four event spaces and let our team help you deliver a great event experience by making sure you have the right setup and access to a rich network of startups, mentors, experts and facilitators.

Interested? Then come by for a visit or simply get in touch with us.

… we are expanding. Stay tuned!

We are excited to announce that we are expanding again, so by mid-2019 even more promising teams will call CODE_n SPACES home. Stay tuned!