CODE_n SPACES Residents | CODE2ORDER: Digital Service Platform for Hotels and their Guests

07/06/2016  |  Interview, SPACES and Residents

Our CODE_n SPACES Resident CODE2ORDER started out with developing a software for restaurants, now they’re deep into the hotel industry. Their product allows guests to access information related to their trip or make use of hotel amenities – all through their smartphones. We talked to Patrick Luik, one of the three founders, about the initial idea, the current status and how they ended up in our CODE_n SPACES.

Patrick Luik

Patrick Luik, Founder of CODE2ORDER

Let’s start with the obvious: Can you explain, in layman’s terms and maybe with a couple of nice examples, what exactly you do?

Patrick Luik: Digital communication between hotels and guests currently only takes place before and after a guest’s visit, not during their stay. That’s why we’ve developed a service and marketing platform that bridges the gap between all three of these phases. The platform allows guests to access information related to their trip (guest maps, points of interest, etc.), or even make use of hotel amenities like room service, the hotel shop, feedback tools, and more – all through their smartphone, and without having to install a special app. Everyone wins with this solution, the hotel and the guest.

And who’s your solution for?

Patrick Luik: Our solution is aimed primarily at hotels that are looking to offer their guests better, more digital services. It doesn’t matter whether the hotel has 30 rooms or more than 15,000 rooms (chains, for example). Secondly, the solution is also for hotel guests.

What made you think of the idea? And what made you set up the company?

Patrick Luik: Our original idea was actually something entirely different. We initially developed a solution for the restaurant industry. After some time, we swapped tables for rooms and it unlocked a whole bunch of possibilities and ideas within the hotel industry, which we’re now also following up on closely and implementing.

Hotel_Gruppe_1We founded the company for a number of reasons. For one thing, the market is absolutely ready for more digital technology (we love everything digital). And for another thing, it has helped us fulfill a life’s dream: to pursue an original idea that actually adds value from the earliest beginnings.

How did you become aware of CODE_n SPACES? What motivated you to move in?

Patrick Luik: We definitely have to thank Alex for that. He attended a talk held by Ulrich Dietz at the University of Hohenheim. When the time came for us to start looking for an innovative and fitting setting, he remembered that talk. Fortunately, CODE_n SPACES was ready and opened to tenants not long after, so the timing was perfect.

There were many reasons we thought – and still believe – that CODE_n SPACES is a great fit for us. We wanted to be in an environment where we could be creative and ambitious but still enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while we developed our ideas and visions. We were also looking for a place where we could not only mingle with other exciting startups but also connect with established companies. And ultimately, we wanted to develop our business without being shackled by rigid or pre-defined structures.

What are the biggest challenges you face as business founders? What are the up sides?

Patrick Luik: We basically encounter the same challenge any young company has to face: the resources are tight – be it capital, time, or human resources. These are all mutually dependent to some extent. And then of course there are the usual challenges regarding the work-life balance.

One advantage is that we can develop our business just the way we want to. Based on our individual experiences as employees in the working world we knew what we didn’t want. We also benefit from the chance of broadening our horizons while meeting and getting to know really interesting people.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Patrick Luik: Brace yourself, I’ll admit this is a bit of a boring answer: we don’t know. That said, none of us think this will be our last startup. In the meantime, we hope each of us will have the opportunity to make a few (personal) dreams come true.