Celebrating one year CODE_n SPACES – opening of 14 new offices planned for January 2017

12/08/2016  |  SPACES and Residents

Some of you celebrated with us last week – it’s been one year since the opening of our CODE_n SPACES. And the first 12 months proved: space to do some serious digital pioneering is rare and sought after! That’s why GFT decided to extend the CODE_n SPACES innovation campus by setting up 14 further offices in the building right next door.

img_9971At CODE_n, the world never stands still. One year CODE_n SPACES confirmed just that. It was a year in which the CODE_n team, digital startups, innovation teams of international companies and managers with entrepreneurial experience moved and settled in. A year in which all of these residents enjoyed the value of a dynamic, lively network and quite a few good parties, just like the one for our first birthday.

And we’re moving further along: so far being integrated into the new GFT Corporate Center, the CODE_n SPACES are now being extended into the neighbouring building, adding a combined total floor area of 10,000 sq meters in January 2017. Located in Stuttgart’s Fasanenhof, the SPACES couldn’t be positioned any better: near the airport, near the highway, the underground right outside the door taking you directly to the city center.

“We were among the first residents in the building and having offices just a stone’s throw from the airport has done wonders for our image. The offices at CODE_n are the ideal complement to our main office in Ulm, which is where our senior managers and IT experts work,” states Dr. Helmut Mahler, former CIO of a major automotive company and founder of the cyber-security firm Code White.

Why should my startup move in?

Being a resident at the CODE_n SPACES means becoming a part of a complete ecosystem. Industrial partners, mentors, universities and other startups all belong to our worldwide CODE_n network. Access to extensive resources, a helping hand and a shoulder to rub with are factors that are given at any time. Where else would you find networking opportunities and valuable know-how so easily?

Dr. Michael Raschke, currently a resident at CODE_n SPACES with his brainchild blickshift is quick to point out the unique atmosphere: “It’s the mixture of corporate teams, experienced managers, and startups. (…) It’s a huge benefit to have such a direct line to decision-makers and mentors – and just being able to quickly set up a spontaneous brainstorming session with other founders is really helpful if you get the feeling you’re not getting anywhere. For us, this is incredibly valuable, in fact it’s priceless.”

Moving in might just mean a springboard for further creative and challenging activities, perhaps even the inspiration to think of something completely new. And since creativity boosts need the right surroundings, the new SPACES will offer you a relaxing lounge, a fully equipped communal area and modern workshop rooms in addition to mentoring opportunities. All of this is available to you through subsidized rent.

Plus, the CODE_n ecosystem offers you everything from the online and always accessible matchmaking platform CONNECT, a permanent place in the SPACES, a world-class CONTEST and EVENTS, all year around. Patrik Luik, founder of CODE2ORDER is fond of this in particular: “The networking sessions are world-class events with high-ranking industry experts and politicians, so they’re an ideal vehicle for showcasing our business.”

Why should an enterprise save a spot for their innovation team?

Companies have no choice – they need to radically rethink how they approach business models in order to keep up with the shift to digitalization and we’ve seen it first hand: it’s a lot easier to be inspired and innovative, if you’re outside your company’s headquarters and its rigid structures.

The CODE_n SPACES offer just that: a creative, non-corporate surrounding with access to other teams and innovative, digital startups. Whether this is a need for a limited amount of time or a long term project – the adaptable work environments offer the flexibility a bigger company might lack, but just need – regarding space and time. Whether you send your team for workshops first or make them move (into the SPACES) for a longer period, it always means liberating it from the traditional company structures, allowing them to think differently and free.

Goran Popcanovski, manager of the FutureLab project at Südwestbank explains that their office at CODE_n has allowed their “innovation team to take advantage of an amazing network of contacts. It was really important to liberate the team from the traditional company structures – so it’s free to think differently.” And that’s true for innovation teams and startups alike: “It really doesn’t matter whether you’re an intern working for a startup or a manager at a big company – it’s precisely the fact that you can just exchange notes and throw together ideas from any angle that works so well,” states Dr. Claus Nesensohn, co-founder of a startup called Refine Projects.

What does my startup or innovation team have to offer to be accepted?

Basically, all you need to apply is a convincing business model – and it’s got to be digital. Fresh and new ideas are what shape our future, so your concept should be based on the latest technology. If all of this applies to you – you can go ahead and apply here. 😉 From then on it’s up to your potential plus the chemistry between us all. Our team will get in touch with you.