Leverage your startup in the field of Photonics 4.0 – Apply for the CODE_n CONTEST. Now!

05/02/2016  |  CODE_n16 Startup CONTEST, News | Trends, Startups

We know that your startup will take digital transformation to the next level. Light and its many applications have already revolutionized our society, industry and environment. Especially the transformation into the Industry 4.0 would not be possible without the technologies provided by Photonics 4.0 – such as advanced laser systems, image processing, and optical sensors. With light applications as key enabling the technologies of the future, the 21st century will depend as much on photonic innovations as the 20th century depended on electronics. Its vital importance already manifests in the vast growth of the photonics industry between 2005 and 2011, which doubled more than that of the worldwide GDP.


Photonics and its possibilities for the Industry 4.0 is a fundamental business area which holds great potential for the future. Hence there is a major demand for innovative solutions and new technologies in this field – your chance to break through and make a real change for the future of Industry 4.0! But how can you, as a startup, leverage and establish your ideas to bring the well needed progress? That’s exactly what the CODE_n CONTEST is for.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford

The innovative input from startups like you is a crucial driver of progress in the field of Photonics 4.0. With your unbiased mindset, dynamic setting and short decision making paths you are the talents that will bring great changes to the industry. Yet to establish in the market, startups need strong partners from whose experience, connections and resources they can profit. At the CODE_n CONTEST you get the unique chance to present yourself and build long-lasting ties with profitable partners and investors. As a participant of the CONTEST you can benefit from free booth at the CODE_n new.New Festival as well as opportunities for networking, sales and business development – not to forget stage time, the CODE_n Award and prize money! All you have to do is submit your application until May 31st, 2016. Find out more about how you can benefit from the CODE_n CONTEST.


The aim of CODE_n is to bring startups and established companies together and to give them the opportunity to network, exchange and create valuable contacts for their business. We believe that the synergy of new and experienced companies boosts innovation processes and creates groundbreaking ideas. Especially for new businesses in the sector of photonics we are pleased to have support from a global player and expert in this industry: TRUMPF is our partner and patron for the topic Photonics 4.0 in the CODE_n CONTEST. Both the world market leader and the technological leader in lasers and laser systems, TRUMPF is delighted to cooperate and share their experience with young innovators! Do you want to take your chance and get a boost for your startup in the CODE_n CONTEST? Don’t miss the application deadline on May 31st, 2016 and apply now!