Angel Labs at CODE_n EVENTS: Boot Camp for Angel Investment

11/10/2014  |  EVENTS

Getting discussions going between startup founders and seasoned entrepreneurs is a fundamental aspect of the CODE_n ecosystem. That’s why CODE_n is hosting a one-day boot camp for Angel investors on Friday, November 14, 2014. The meet-up is directed at business angels and anyone who would like to become one. It will provide initial pointers on how to support promising startups with action and advice.

The format – dubbed Angel Labs – hopes to attract companies and private investors looking to enter the swiftly developing startup scene with the aim of offering dedicated support. Angel Labs have already been organized at various business hot spots across the globe, but never in Germany. This meet-up has been planned as part of CODE_n EVENTS and will be held at GFT headquarters – a genuine debut event for Germany.

The keywords for the event are Angel Investment; that is, investors’ financial contributions to startups within the scope of seed funding. The aim of the event is to garner more attention for this very important funding instrument and to promote networking and collaboration among business angels.

In addition to providing an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss experiences with internationally successful business angels, the event will also center around exciting workshops and talks on personal investment strategies, legal aspects and other significant issues such as how to assess Angel investments.

A further important program highlight: a presentation round in which several startups will introduce themselves in the hope of being considered by the business angels at the event.

This is not a public event and participation is by invitation only. Any business angels interested in attending can get in touch, even on relatively short notice:

The event is being organized by Accelerate Stuttgart and the consultants Wert8 with the support of the following companies:

CODE_n EVENTS is excited to be hosting this German premiere at GFT headquarters. That’s why we will be reporting live from the event on Friday, through all of our social media channels. We look forward to a very interesting day.

Angel Labs Stuttgart