7 things you should ultimately do during the new.New Festival

09/16/2016  |  new.New Festival

Are you ready for some fun? We hope so! Since we have a list of to-dos for you that will make your visit at the new.New Festival a very special experience. Of course the best thing about the festival is the great program: promising startups, inspiring speakers, enlightening workshops, networking events and much more. But you know us – at CODE_n we like to do things differently. That’s why we made out a list of unconventional festival to-dos for you to complete at your visit. Challenge accepted?


Day 1, 20.09.2016: Let the games begin!

So you made your way to the new.New Festival. Welcome! Now look around you. These people are your tribe of digital pioneers. They could be the same people who work on your next project, help fund it or just spread the word. So the first thing to do, clearly, is getting to know them.

#1: Make friends with your tribe – and with us!

Of course we are looking forward to meeting you, too! Connect with our CODE_n Team to become a part of the family and to benefit from our ecosystem.

Okay, now that you have laid the foundations for fruitful networking, you can start relaxing a little bit. So why not get down to the really important questions?

#2: Ask every speaker at the #nmfka evening event a hypothetical “What if…” question!

“What if the internet stopped working?”, “What if google was a guy?”, “What if people could ‘pay what they want’ for your product?” – So many valid questions that need to be settled at #nmfka. 😉

You’ve had a long day full of networking and discussing the big questions. Now it’s time to dance!

#3: Dance like nobody’s watching at party.Party!

They say, he who works hard, should also party hard! So DJ Hertel will ensure you won’t be able to stand still at party.Party. Just let go and dance it off!

Day 2, 21.09.2016: The fun continues

A business professional seeks to broaden his horizons, while never losing sight of his own field. Luckily, both can be easily accomplished at the new.New Festival!

#4: Get to know a luminary of another field and also a junior in your own field!

Go ahead and listen to a speaker keynote with a topic way outside your field. Then also talk to startups that operate in your industry to know who is up and coming.

Sounds like work? Don’t worry, here is something to spice things up.

#5: Play Buzzword Bingo!

Easy rule: Every time a speaker or anybody around you says one of the buzzwords on your bingo note, cross it out. You can also try and make people say the words! Once you have completed your bingo note, mission accomplished! – You are now ready for the evening program!

Buzzword-Bingo-Festival- 7-things-you-should-ultimately-do-during-newnew-festival-to-do-list-program-innovation-networking

Day 3, 22.09.2016: Give your all in the grand finale!

As the networking and making friends with other digital pioneers continues, we have a little challenge for you:

#6: Play the forbidden word game with “no” and “yes”!

Talking about your passion is easy – but what if you are not allowed to say yes or no? The world is not just black and white, right? So let’s play the game and bring more shades of grey into our language! This will spice every conversation up.

#7: Enjoy a beer and a hotdog

After this challenge you truly deserve your reward. Get your treat at CyberLab Foundersnight and wind out this action-packed and enlightening new.New Festival. We hope you enjoyed it!
These are just a few cherry-picked events at the new.New Festival. For the full program take a look at the schedule! For an even easier way to plan your personal schedule of events and get more information about speakers, exhibitors and many more, feel free to download our free new.New Festival App. Are you ready to do all these 7 things, but you still don’t have a ticket? Hurry up and get it here!