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Trends and new applications of photonics: changing the game in mobility and manufacturing

Photonics smarten up our whole environment: cities become smart cities, mobility becomes smart mobility and factories become smart factories. This is all happening because photons, that are optics and lasers, joined forces with electronics and evolved to photonics. Today the technological use of light is a key driver of digital transformation. Especially applications of photonics in telecommunication and ... Continue reading

Meet our CODE_n CONTEST Finalists 2016: FaunaPhotonics from Denmark

Our CODE_n Finalists FaunaPhotonics is planning to work in partnership with the crop science industry to offer seamless data integration between in-field sensors and the leading digital farming software platforms. This will enable crop science players to make advancements in data analytics. In this interview, CEO Frederik Taarnhøj lets us know how exactly this works and what it could mean for the ... Continue reading

Guest feature | What makes photonics disruptive?

Photonics 4.0“ is one out of four themed clusters on the agenda at this year’s CODE_n new.New Festival. The German photonics community is taking advantage of the occasion to meet up there at the „Photonik Strategie Forum 2016„. The sector is expecting a wide selection of input on the subject of the digital transformation at the start-up festival. (Quelle: VDI ... Continue reading

Leverage your startup in the field of Photonics 4.0 – Apply for the CODE_n CONTEST. Now!

... many applications have already revolutionized our society, industry and environment. Especially the transformation into the Industry 4.0 would not be possible without the technologies provided by Photonics 4.0 – such as advanced laser systems, image processing, and optical sensors. With light applications as key enabling the technologies of the future, the 21st century will depend as much on photonic ... Continue reading

Applications of augmented reality: What are the potentials for the manufacturing industry?

... CONTEST Finalists 2016: ioxp from Germany Meet our CODE_n CONTEST Finalists 2016: Augmensys from Austria Finalist | iTiZZiMO (Germany) – pioneers in simplifying IT Trends and new applications of photonics: changing the game in mobility and manufacturing Merken Continue reading
CODE_n initiator Ulrich Dietz announced Xarion as the winner of CODE_n16!

A great last Day for a great Festival – These are the Highlights of Day 3!

... to the targeted individual: how the new economy has made us batshit crazy”. And these are just some of the many highlights! And the rest? Of course, at the Applied FinTech, Connected Mobility, Photonics 4.0 and HealthTec stages a lot of interesting talks and discussions are awaiting you as well. Make sure to pass by and get inspired! In the evening, we’re getting ready for the grand finale of our ... Continue reading