CODE_n new.New Festival excites more than 5,000 visitors from 15 countries in Karlsruhe

  • Unique event format enables digitisation to be experienced, combines future technologies and new business models with digital media art and Entertainment

  • new.New Festival also creates a big impact in the media

  • XARION wins the CODE_n Award in the startup contest, and beats 384 competitors from 40 countries

Karlsruhe, 23 September 2016 – Experience tomorrow's digital technologies up close – the new.New Festival delivered on its promises to its visitors: For three days, CODE_n networked digital pioneers with innovation teams from established companies, scientists, artists, and interested specialist visitors. At the close today, Ulrich Dietz, CODE_n initiator and CEO of GFT Technologies SE, concluded: "The atmosphere is fascinating, the feedback completely positive." From the Californian "Hyperloop" transport system, which is intended to convey people at the speed of sound in future, to the virtual operating theatre, and to a world first in sensor technology – the first CODE_n new.New Festival consistently puts its face to the future and generates a passion for innovation. In addition, it was a complete media success – just on the second day of the event, it was a trending topic on Twitter for more than 13 hours, and was followed via the live stream in Germany, Austria, Spain, and also the USA. More than 3,800 visitors from 52 countries used the festival website each day, including the app. "We can well imagine that we will return. The Karlsruhe region was outstanding in supporting us; its commitment was the basis of our success", continued Dietz.


"Together with all partners from the region, business, and politics, we have made it possible to experience the future, and have created a combination of innovation and avant-garde media art which is unique throughout the world", Ulrich Dietz summarised. "When we started off with CODE_n in 2012, we had a clear vision: to create an international network for innovation and technology. What commenced as a startup contest has now evolved into a global ecosystem."

Participate instead of just watching

In five 15-metre-high atria flooded with light, and over a total area of 11,000 square metres, four startup worlds, workshop areas, exhibits, six stages and a hackathon area were placed in the limelight. The "Design Thinking" and "Agile Development Methods" workshops were particularly well visited. The technologies and the quality of the participating startups were received just as positively – specialist visitors were amazed at the potential and the technological solutions of the young founders. In particular, the diversity of what was on offer made the difference, leading to joint discussions and alliances across industry boundaries.

120 sessions – 72 hours – full programme

More than 200 speakers provided great insight into exciting topics of the future. For example, on the Tuesday, biohacker Hannes Sjobald reported on his cyborg activities. This morning, Axel-Springer number 2 Christoph Keese provided an honest review of the German economy, and warned of a lack of investment readiness in Germany compared with Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley. Having flown directly from California to Karlsruhe, the CEO of "Hyperloop" presented how the innovative transport system is intended in future to transport people over great distances at the speed of sound. The most-well presentations were the keynote speeches by the Prime Premier of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, who promised an increased focus on the digitisation of the Federal State and the support of startups, as well as a presentation on the "Code of Light" by Dr. Peter Leibinger. The vice-head of TRUMPF spoke about the importance of light and about tomorrow's world of photonics, in which real and virtual applications will converge. Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, head of the Potsdam HPI School of Design Thinking, impressively demonstrated how design thinking can help large companies in particular to break through old thought patterns, and to convert employees into true entrepreneurs.


Startup XARION impresses the jury and leaves 384 competitors in its dust

The focal point of the innovation festival is the international CODE_n startup competition – this year with 385 competitors from 40 countries. The CODE_n Award, with a prize of 30,000 euros, was collected yesterday evening at the award show by the Austrian company XARION. The startup won because of its business model and its unique technology – using the world's first optical laser sensors which can recognise sounds by modifying the speed of light. "Out of an idea, XARION developed unique laser sensors, which are revolutionising the depiction of ultrasound, process monitoring, and testing technology, from the ground upwards", Ulrich Dietz summarised.

Entertainment as a driving force

Also playing live at the award show on Wednesday evening were: the popular indie rock band RAZZ, whose appearances have already included the Hurricane Festival. During the after-show party that followed, the celebrations continued late into the evening, with guests entertained by deep house music from Lakechild.

For the conclusion of the festival, CODE_n invited all participants to the Karlsruhe Palace in the centre of Karlsruhe. To get everyone in the mood, from 7:30 p.m. the first sounds were provided by DJ Ben Esser and singer Noah Slee. The concluding party took place in the Red Bull tour bus, and from 8:30 p.m., visitors enjoyed the successful electropop band Claire. There was no charge for entry, and the highpoint of the cultural programme followed: From 10:00 p.m., the Palace laser and lightshow effects, which have been specially extended for the new.New festival, amazed the audience with moving digital media art – international artists used light projections to transform the façade of the baroque Karlsruhe Palace into an amazing moving and very impressive spectacle.


You can download image material of the festival highlights here. You may use it free of charge – please state the source as "CODE_n".


About CODE_n:
CODE_n is a global innovation platform for ambitious founders and leading companies initiated in 2011 by GFT Technologies SE. With its CONTEST, EVENTS, CONNECT and SPACES elements, CODE_n offers an eco-system that networks digital pioneers and promotes the development of sustainable business models. CODE_n means "Code of the New", the DNA of innovation. With a new way of thinking and bold ideas, the community is driving digital progress.

About the new.New Festival:
The new CODE_n beacon event for innovation and technology is being held for the first time in 2016. The event venue is the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe. The initiator GFT is joined by Accenture, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and TRUMPF as global partners to the Festival. Innovation partners include EnBW, Vector Informatik and B.Braun. Numerous other partners complement the global network. Between 2012 and 2015, the CODE_n event was held in Hall 16 at Cebit and proved to be a big draw for the public, attracting over 75,000 visitors last time.